Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Things I am Loving

I should be out on my Thursday morning walk right now… with the time change last weekend, it is now light again at 7 a.m. and I was planning to resume walking with The Captain on Thursday  mornings before I get ready for work.

However it is pouring rain right now and I am wimping out… sitting at my computer with an extra cup of hot steaming black cofffee and sharing a few minutes with you before I have my shower and carry on.

I have a few things that I am really loving right now that I wanted to share…

My new Tommie Copper Active Fit Shirts… they sent me two tanks and a camisole… and they are fashioned from their awesome patented copper-infused fabric.  Tommie Copper has now added several new colors to their line up so they are much more fashionable as well as functional.

Nov 7 TC shirts purple yarn 002

It is too cool for me to be outside in a sleeveless shirt here these days, so I am wearing them for indoor workouts, under other shirts when I do venture out, and also as jammies!  I love to sleep in my TC gear… so comforting for sore muscles.  These shirts are very long and so stay nicely in place or tucked in, too.

Nov 5 TC tank booties 001

Yesterday I discovered a new Silk Road tea… called Winter Warrior.  It is a delicious blend of ginger, green tea, lemongrass, citrus peel, rooibos, and lemon essence.  I wish you could smell it!

Nov 6 Silk Road Tea 001

The Captain and I wandered into the new Public Market when out for a walk yesterday morning, and they were giving out samples of this tea.  I wasn’t going to bother trying it but after tasting his, The Captain urged me to go ahead… and I was immediately taken by the taste and the aroma.  Apparently these ingredients all have immune-building properties, too, and who can’t use that especially at this time of year?

We made a pot yesterday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it....Mmmmm.

I picked up some fun and colorful ribbon yarn while I was in WA to make a fun new scarf for the neckline of my new coat.  I had to watch a you tube vid about how to make it up… but it was so easy and quite fun.  I like having something to do with my hands on those evenings where I sit in front of the tv for an hour or two.

Nov 2 knitting 004

I decided to make another for a coworker who has a birthday next week… It is part of my ongoing project to do something nice for another woman… and it is her favorite color.

Nov 7 TC shirts purple yarn 004

And one more thing…  I bought these awesome little boots on sale in the Spring… but have not worn them much because I am so NOT used to wearing heels anymore after having been out of the corporate arena for 13 years!  But I couldn’t resist the boots.  I kept watching the price of them go down and down and down till they were only $15 with all the discounts and sales, and the original tag was $175.  I mean, I had to have them even if I was never going to wear them.  Do you ever do that?

Nov 5 TC tank booties 006

Well, I am thrilled to say that after following my Tom Venuto workouts for the past 6 weeks, I have strengthened/stretched my calf muscles and can now wear these boots for a few hours at a time! yay!  

Every time I have done those calf raises I have thought it was a total waste of time… who needs to work their calves?  Well, apparently I do, and it has worked. How good to learn that all of my work has not been totally narcissistic.  There really is a practical, functional aspect to it as well.  Thank you, Tom.

Okay, I must get moving here.

So, how is your Thursday shaping up?  What are you loving lately?


  1. Raining in my hood as well…but there's something about rain that just makes me happy!

  2. Love the orange color of that shirt--had no idea that they do clothes at Tommie Copper. The tea sounds delicious--tea is so perfect in the winter. And how nice of you to work on a personalized gift like that!

    I have always worked my calves b/c mine are genetically wimpy!

  3. I did not know TC made tanks! And pretty colors too! I swear my TC calf sleeve worked magic on my calf when I strained it last year. We had buckets of rain here yesterday, and then it got cold. Freezing. Sigh. Green chai tea for me today!

  4. I love the scarves! And the boots - I would have spent a lot more on them! :)

  5. What a great deal on the boots!! The weather here is awful:( Rainy and windy and cold. Booo! I hope it improves before I have to sit out in it to watch my boys' soccer games on Saturday;)

  6. Elle! I love the scarves!! Well done you:) I'm going to check out the tanks too.

  7. Those camisoles look wonderful!! I love wearing undershirts now that its cold!! And these would be great for recovery!!
    I havent worn heels in years!! It makes me taller than my husband and he doesnt like that!! I would now break an ankle!!

  8. I sleep in my TC gear too! Good to know I'm not the only one that does that.

    If you decide youre over them---IM IN IM IN :-)


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