Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wanna Catch Up With Me?

It has been such a good week!  I got in 2 runs, 3 strength workouts, some hiking, and walking.  There were lots of deliveries from the parcel guys, a Starbuck’s date with The Captain and some much appreciated relax time, too.

It started last Sunday with a run.  We haven’t been running a whole lot as The Captain was on the edge of a sniffly cold for so long but we thought a short burst might actually help… it seemed to, and we both were glad to get out.

And it is ending with a run, too.  Another loop around the park before lunch today… blustery and cool, but at least no rain!

I am really enjoying my strength workouts… using my new 15-lb kettlebell and my new 12-lb dumbbells.  I am feeling more flexible, too, now able to actually sit back on flat feet during Child’s Pose and rising to Willow. I could never do that without having to lift my hip.  This means my quads are getting more flexible.

I am also loving the fact that I can spend a few hours at a time in high-heeled shoes after not wearing them for so many years, and that is thanks to the calf raises in my program.  I had no idea that this perk was waiting for me and really wondered why I was doing them at all.  Calf raises?  I really thought they were a waste of my time.

My food plan this past week changed… #onesmallchange… and I am thrilled.  I am following the nutritional ratio of 20% fat, 45% carbs, and 35% protein as laid out by Tom Venuto in his new (yet to be released book).  I was feeling quite puffy and soft last week and this week am happy to report that I am down 5 pounds on the scale and feeling quite sleek.  Yes, I know it is water loss, and I feel good about it.

I feel great actually.  When I eat whole, real food, and give up the wine, like I have this week, I have lots of energy, sleep very well, and am more enthusiastic about everything.  My mouth and taste buds seem to like wine, but the rest of my body... not so much. I am not talking mass quantities here, either!

Nov 16 my great week 003
Tom sent an unedited copy for me to review and I have been reading every word with great interest.

I have been experimenting with Energy Bits.  Trying them under different circumstances.

Nov 8 Energy Bits
Will tell ya all about that soon.

I did a couple of fun outings with The Captain this week… on Monday we walked down our street to the cliffs above The Strait of Juan De Fuca, that separates us from WA state, and then down a set of very steep stairs to the water.  When the tide is out you can hike and scramble the rocks along the shore for miles.  We had never been on this particular stretch before and we made our way along for about an hour and a half… over huge driftwood piles, massive water and wind eroded boulders and it was so fun and so tiring.  We eventually came across another set of steps leading back up the cliff face, but before climbing them, we did a bit of beach combing for sea glass on the gravelly shore.  I have quite a collection, picking up bits and pieces everywhere we have been over the last 12 years, and am always glad to add more… especially blue and aqua and red, which are not commonly found as much as white and brown and green.

Nov 16 my great week 006

And we also did a little walk on Friday afternoon… in the beautiful bright sunshine, through the leaves in the park, to Starbuck’s to make some plans for next week, and enjoy an indulgence.  I had a grande Peppermint Mocha and The Captain enjoyed a grande Gingerbread Latte.  My pictures are terrible, but the drinks were fabulous…  yes, I loved every sip of my 410 calorie delight!  It was a meal in itself and totally worth it.  And it was my only indulgence this week… and I planned for it, so all good.

Gingerbread Latte
Gingerbread Latte

Peppermint Mocha
Peppermint Mocha

I found some time to sit and leaf through this lovely book that I won during a Twitter #paleochat at the beginning of October.  I am so excited about it as it has recipes that I will actually USE. So often lovely cookbooks have beautiful pictures of great looking eats… but I would never have the ingredients to make them!  Do you ever find that?

Nov 16 my great week 004

Here are some of the things that appeared on my doorstep this week… won in giveaways…

Nov 16 my great week 001
Zaggora hot pants… looking forward to a cardio session in them.  They fit perfectly!

Nov 16 my great week 002
They have little grippy things on the bottom. I am thinking I will try them for yoga.

Nov 16 my great week 005
And this enormous Rumble Roller, which, frankly, completely intimidates me.  But I am going to take it on!

So how was your week?

Have you tried any of these products?

What's getting your juices flowing these days?


  1. That foam roller actually looks painful!! :) But a deep tissue roll can be so wonderful!!

    I await a detailed review from you first :-)

  3. The rumble roller is so painful, but so good. It really helps to dig in deep when I get tightness in my calves. Those coffees look amazing. Hope you like the Energy Bits!

  4. I have used the Rumbleroller for over 2 years & love it - way better than foam for me & I use their new beastie too!!!! I have those Z pants too & sweat was running down my legs - but IMHO - does not make people lose weight just sweat more & well.. you know what I am saying...

  5. Sounds like a great week. I think you will love the pants, I love mine


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