Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday… Finish the Week with Some Fun

I have just completed my third strength workout this week… and so the 10th week of my current program. I am so happy that I have stuck with it as I am seeing good results and feeling great.  I will finish up the 12 weeks, and then I plan to take a rest over the holidays and start something new at the beginning of the new year.

I have some fun things to share…

These package arrived in my mail box this week, thanks to Marcia who writes Marcia’s Healthy Slice.  I am loving these yurbuds, and yes, I savored every morsel of that Almond Joy bar, too.  I have been a fan of Marcia’s blog since I first found it almost 3 years ago.  Thanks for sharing a couple of your favorite things with me, Marcia.

Dec 3 yurbuds from Marcia 002

I splurged a bit and picked up two new pairs of golf shoes for myself.  Normally I wear very traditional styles but both of these shoes just grabbed my wilder side, I guess.  And who can resist a bargain?  I paid less for both pair than I would normally spend on just one.  The grey shoes are so light and can be worn with either the white or the green laces… kinda cute.  And the pink pair are almost like a sneaker. 

Dec 6 Fun Stuff 001

I won a giveaway a while back from Erika who writes MCM Mama, and the prize was a box full of lunch goodies… Annie’s mac and white cheddar, some organic milk and juices, some Annies’ cheddar bunnies, and some Annie’s fruit gummy bunnies, with a great little canvas lunch bag… and lots of coupons, too.  I think The Captain actually appreciates all these things more than I do!   Funny cause I have been urging him to switch to Annie's for his mac and cheese fix and now that he has tried and loved it, I am sure he will.

Dec 6 Fun Stuff 002

I got my first VOX box from Influenster this week…. if you haven’t checked them out, you should!  This one was created for Canadians, the Maple Vox Box, and has a whole lot of cool things in it… some Skinny Cow treats, mascara, lip gloss, press-on gel nail decorations, a mud facial mask and some Ice Breakers crystal mints.  It’s a whole lotta fun stuff I would never have bought for myself… however, I have been looking for a new mascara and I do like this one a lot.

Dec 4 Maple Leaf Vox Box 001

And last but by no means, least, I won a $10 U.S. Starbuck’s card from Suz and Allan at Cows Lasers and Everything in Between.  Smart and savvy Suz sent me a Starbuck’s e-card and I was able to add it to my own Starbuck’s card and you can bet I will be be taking my sweetie on another coffee date very soon!

So, it is time to hit the shower and get some lunch going… 

What’s making you smile today?

How are you finishing up your week?


  1. Great mail week! So glad the Yurbuds made it and I hope you love them! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. What's making me smile is how much you are loving strength training :)

  3. You've gotten quite a few goodies this week! Hope you and The Captain have a great weekend!

  4. Wow fun stuff in the mail! I love when I have weeks like that. Right now I have quite a bit of stuff coming in from Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales so that is pretty fun, although most of it is not for me.

  5. annnd FLIPSIDE :) Im starting my week. with QUIET AND COFFEE.


  6. Love that you received so many goodies! Fun!


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