Tuesday, December 3, 2013

#onesmallchange Adding Yoga to My Week

I am linking up again this week to the #onesmallchange challenge at  Marcia’s Healthy Slice.

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This week I am committing to taking the time to do at least one yoga session each week.   Last week I fit in a 15-minute session first thing in the morning on both Tuesday and Thursday.  Both of those days turned out to be crazy busy, and I really felt that the yoga practice, even though short, helped me get those days off to a good start in a positive mindset. 

I don’t feel quite as flexible when I do yoga first thing in the morning, but that’s okay. I have learned not to push myself and am not disappointed when I cannot sit back into a full Willow for more than a couple of minutes, or get my feet flat on the floor during a Downward Facing  Dog. 
I have a CRUNCH Yoga-Pilates DVD that has a 40 minute routine on it… did that first thing on Sunday morning and got the week off to a great start.  Nothing wrong with a bit of extra core work either.

In past weeks, I have made these #onesmallchange commitments:
  1. no eats after 8 p.m.
  2. drink 64 ounces of water each day
  3. take my supplements
  4. uplift at least one woman each day
  5. be extra nice to a difficult woman each day
  6. have enough pre-workout fuel
  7. nutrient combination of 20% fat, 35% protein, 45% carbs
  8. pre-bedtime routine
  9. allow myself to be IMperfect
And I am doing well with most of these things… still have not MASTERED the pre-bedtime routine, but having it on my mind is making me do it more often, at least. I have found that if I get to it a bit earlier than JUST before bedtime, I am more likely to take care of it.

Do you practice yoga?  What is your favorite time of day for it?

What is #onesmallchange you can make this week? 


  1. When I do Yoga (which I haven't done in a long while), I love to do it in the morning. It's such a great way to start my day :)

  2. I hit up a yoga class as soon as I get the kids off to school. Still early but not first thing when I'm creaky. Haha! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Try as I might, I cannot get into yoga. Or going to bed early. I purposefully eat a midnight snack - LOL! I do drink at least 120 oz of water a day though!

  4. I don't do yoga but have done hot yoga before. I think it's time for me to get back into it now that it's below freezing here in WA:) There's nothing better than going into a hot yoga studio after being outside in the freezing cold;)

  5. I so want to try yoga - just not at my gym & don't have the money for out of the gym right now... :)

  6. Elle, I LOVE #4 and #5; although I gotta be honest, #5 is a tough one for me…
    I am going to join you in working to make OTHERS feel better about themselves (and perhaps get to yoga once this week myself ;) )

  7. Ideally Id do my yoga in the morning.

  8. I actually do not do yoga. I am more of a pilates girls! So this week, my #onesmallchange is to go to pilates 2 x!!! I usually only go 1x or none (because my schedule gets so busy) but it looks like this week I am going to be able to! :)

  9. I prefer to do yoga in the morning cause in general I'm more of a morning workout person but all of the better classes around here are in the evening so I'm learning to adapt :)

  10. I love the idea of #onesmallchange and of course I'm excited to hear that your focus this week is on incorporating more yoga. It takes me longer to warm up in the morning but I find that I feel better afterwards and the rest of the day.


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