Tuesday, December 17, 2013

#onesmallchange Patience, Grasshopper

Can you name the tv show that line comes from?  Or the actor who played the part of Grasshopper?  One of my favorite old time television shows and I would gladly sit through all the eposodes again and again.

But PATIENCE has never been my strong suit.  I like to say my older sister got it all and there was none left for me.  But I keep trying and do sometimes even succeed in flexing my ‘patience muscle’ and so I feel like I am not a complete failure in this area.

Patience will be my challenge this week as I link up to Marcia’s #onesmallchange post again.  At this time of year I think it is even more important to remember to be patient… with other drivers, other shoppers, my co-workers, and even my darling husband!  I am sure he appreciates it, too.

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In past weeks, I have made these #onesmallchange commitments:
  1. no eats after 8 p.m.
  2. drink 64 ounces of water each day
  3. take my supplements
  4. uplift at least one woman each day
  5. be extra nice to a difficult woman each day
  6. have enough pre-workout fuel
  7. nutrient combination of 20% fat, 35% protein, 45% carbs
  8. pre-bedtime routine
  9. allow myself to be IMperfect
  10. one yoga session per week
  11. take a step back from social media regularly
How is your patience muscle… do you ever need to work on it?

Did you remember the tv show?  It is called KUNG FU, and the actor who was called Grasshopper was David Carradine, the star of the show.  One of his teachers called him Grasshopper as a child.


  1. I love your challenges for yourself. I went kind of crazy-go-nuts with unhealthy eating today, so I need to work on drinking water tomorrow. That always helps to clean out my system after a sugar binge.

  2. Patience is always something that I struggle with unfortunately. I am always needing to strengthen it;)

  3. Yes, around busy southern CA, I need to work on patience & number 11 big time!!!!

  4. I'm loving your small commitments list. You have some wonderful items up there. I think I might follow suit and make my own little list. I'm a huge fan of #4, 5, 9. I'm going to have to dig deep and muster up some patience for #5. LOL


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