Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Great Turkey Run-Off

Well, I can honestly say it likely wasn't the turkey... or the sweet potato, or even the bright green peas.  And it probably wasn't even the 84% dark chocolate, which I don't think I even really like.

It may have been the 4-olive martinis... or the Chardonnay, but I think it was probably the cookies, or the the candy cane... yeah, that darned little candy cane... made my tummy pretty upset this morning and feeling quite bloated and poochy.

The fix? Why getting the day off to a great start with a nice breakie and a 5 km run.

I checked my log and the last time I ran a whole 5 km was on September 17th.  Since then my runs have been in the 3-1/2 or 4 km range, and quite few and far between.  I was determined to get out there today and when The Captain said he would like to come along, I agreed, but admonished him that it was going to be VERY slow... and boy, was it!  39 minutes and every step of it was hard today.  But it's done; I have stretched and now had some lunch, and sitting here, in my fat jeans, making promises to myself about the clean eating I am going to do till the end of the year!  GROAN.

Are you in the same shape today?  Or were you smarter than me, and didn't over-indulge?

Happy Boxing Day to all  my Canadian and British friends... and Happy Day After Christmas to the rest!


  1. Happy belated Boxing Day Elle! It takes a layoff from running to remind us just how difficult it is and how awesome we are for doing it. Glad you and the Captain got out and burned off the goodies. While I wasn't terrible, there were definitely indulgences, i the form of cookies mostly.

  2. Not to worry Ell, we all get back to it & are fine withing a few days of eating lie we normally would pre-holiday.... I was fine since not much family around so all is fine except I miss family! :)


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