Monday, December 9, 2013

Hanging My Head...

Why, yes, I am a wimp.

On Sunday morning, the sun was shining brightly and there was very little wind, so I decided to head out for a short-ish run... hadn't been for some time as I hate running in the rain when the weather turns cool and it has been raining here for the past several days. I just hate having wet feet and all of my running shoes seem to be some sort of mesh and not water resistant at all.

So, I checked the Weather Channel and learned it was -1 C, which is about 29 F, just a bit below freezing. I knew I needed a few layers.  As a base I put on a nice, quite snug, long sleeved Tommie Copper shirt (wishing it had a mock or turtle neck) and some knee-length compression socks. Then I put on some leggings and my Running Room nylon jacket. Last I put on my running shoes, then a fleece ear band, some light gloves and a fleece vest, just to make sure my back would stay warm.

Off I went.  I walked for about 3 minutes at a really brisk pace and then broke into a light run... and I was feeling quite cool... now, I know I should be cool when I start out because otherwise I will get OVERheated as the run progresses and I start to sweat.

But after about 12 or 13 minutes I was still feeling pretty darn cool, and not comfortable at all, so I cut it short and came in after logging only about 2.25 km... I realized I should have dressed a bit differently... something more on my head and probably warmer socks, too.

I am having a hard time admitting to myself that I have become such a wimp.

Years ago, before we bought the sailboat, we lived in the heart of our province and often faced Winter temps of -40 C which is the same as 40 below zero F.  And even though I never ran outside when it was quite that cold, I did run at -20 C which is 4 below zero F.  I never minded running in cold weather back in those days. What has changed?  Am I just too used to a warmer climate?

I think it has something to do with humidity.  That colder climate was extremely dry... and I could put on layers and feel warm. This climate I am in now is much moister being oceanside, and to me it feels colder, even at higher temperatures. Does that make sense?

I used to like to run on packed snow.  And I did that for several years...  I only gave in an bought a treadmill when I got tired of falling on icy roads in the Winter, and slogging my way through slush in the Spring.

Where I live now, we have very little real Winter. Last year we had only a couple of days of frost and no snow at all... so far this year we have had a couple of nights of frost, and a sprinkling of snow.  I sure am happy to see the forecast for the week showing warmer temperatures.

But I do accept that I have become a wimp... and will just have to adjust accordingly.

Do you run when it's cold?  And just what do you consider COLD?


  1. Don't feel badly one bit! I am such a wimp in the cold! If you can believe it, I used to competitively snowboard, we were FORCED to be out in the FREEZING temperatures every day! "Just layer up" was yelled at us constantly. Thankfully we were FORCED THE HIKE THE PIPE or else I would be ABSOLUTELY uncomfortable! The crazy thing is, I remember actually taking layers OFF after a few hikes up the pipe! LOL! But since I don't do pipe anymore, I am always COLD!!!!! Oh and when I go home for XMAS - it will be -30 as a HIGH!!!!! Oh goodie!

  2. I run when it's cold but we live in a desert area so it's a different kind of cold like you mentioned - I prefer a dry cold instead of a humid one! I think the definition of cold is all relative to where you live and what the temperature is normally :)

  3. I'm impressed you made it out! If it's below 50 I'm an indoor gal. :)

  4. I do actually miss the winter running...but I also usually eased in to it and then it just became a routine!

  5. I am not fond of cold but when it gets into the 30's here in the winter & my morn runs, I just layer it up & out I go.. the rest of the week is gym for me but I guess I would find a way as much as I am not a fan of cold.. :)

  6. I am a total wimp! Am just about managing to persuade myself to walk to work rather than take public transport (it's only a mile away!), and it isn't half as cold as that here! I think you did very well to get out of the door!


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