Monday, June 20, 2011

And She's Off!

I did a couple of walks on Sunday, but no upper body work and no planks.  Pretty much took a rest day.  And it felt great!  I was still riding the high of my long Saturday morning run and thoroughly enjoying it.

Today, I have been taking care of some errands and getting ready for a little trip we are taking, by car, starting Tuesday morning... off on the ferry to the mainland... several hours driving and a visit to a dear friend for a few days... then another day's drive to see family and friends for 10 days to 2 weeks...  we may be gone almost 3 weeks and I am thinking, out of touch, and offline, for most of that time.

I have only 1 km left to run before my June goal of running 40 km total will be met.  I know I will accomplish that in the next few days, easily, and then some.  I have a couple of runs planned, and will hope to get in some more, and lots of walking, too.

I will keep up with my upper body workouts, and my pushups, and the dreaded planks as well.  I will have to keep some notes in my tracker and post about it when I get back.

As for my recipe blog, I have some posts ready to auto publish while I am gone. 

I will miss reading your posts and will look forward to catching up when I come back...

Stay well.
Run when you can.
Eat healthy and fun.
Sleep soundly.
Be brave.
Take care.
Hug your loved ones and pets!


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