Friday, June 10, 2011

Nice Surprises

Seriously, where does the day go?  I think I had more time to do things when I had a full time job.  It seems that everything just takes longer when we are on the boat.

Today's workout was very light.
35 minute walk before dinner
15 minutes of upper body work

I was going to attempt the planks again tonight, but have decided to put it off till tomorrow, after my run.

I had a neat surprise today.  I used to pull up the route that I mapped and we ran last Saturday.  I wanted to familiarize myself with the turnaround point as it is an out-and-back run... and I looked at the satellite view, only to realize we hadn't actually turned around just where I had planned. I was almost holding my breath, anticipating disappointment, because I was sure I would find that we had not run that far.  But no!  It turns out that we ran farther.  It was 8.5 km overall, not 8.0 km.  Now I know that is not much of a difference, but it is significant to me because that is my longest run since last Fall.

And yes, we are going to do it again tomorrow morning.  I will be wearing my heart rate monitor and will be pacing myself at 70% to 75% of my estimated maxiumum heart rate (thanks to Sara at Words to Run By for that helpful advice).  And I am going to make a concerted effort not to take any walk breaks.  Thanks to Vanessa at Gourmet Runner, for that suggestion.  I will be packing water and running S-L-O-W-L-Y.  Even slower than normal!  I am really looking forward to it.

I also spent quite a bit of time today looking at the Road ID web site, trying to decide which of the IDs I am going to get as my prize for having won the giveaway at Run From the Heart yesterday.  Thanks again, Tink.  I feel like a kid in a candystore.

I am off to watch a movie with The Captain... and there just might be some popcorn, too.

Do you like to watch movies at home or would you rather go out to the theatre?

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  1. That is so cool about your run... 8.5 rocks...
    I hope you enjoy your weekend and thanks for sharing this information!
    Take care,


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