Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spectacular Saturday

I was pretty stoked about today's run when I woke up this morning.  First order of the day, coffe and pancakes, of course.  It's Saturday after all.

Then I had to wait an hour plus, to let breakfast settle, before we could go.  And by then it was warm enough for shorts and a tank.The route I mapped is a 4 km out-and-back, for a total of 8 km exactly. It winds around our large harbor and ends up just past another busy marina... so it has water views most of the way, which is really nice.  And we did see the goslings, who are growing like crazy and now sprouting gray feathers... I need a smaller camera so I can tote it along.

Today I practically force-fed The Captain a few glasses of water after breakfast, in order to get hydrated for the run, and I also carried a 2-cup water bottle in my waist pack.  Good thing too. We shared it along the route and I was really glad I had brought it.

I didn't run fast at all today but I did manage to cover the 8 km without too  much shuffling along -  a bit during both the 6th and 7th kilometers.

But I am really happy because my goal for this month was to make 8 km my long run. 

When we got back to the marina, I walked a couple of minutes more than usual, and then I stretched for a full 10 minutes before doing 20 pushups. 

W2 R66 @9/1 W5

Only the first 10 pushups were very deep, but I did complete 20... now I just need to make them more real.

After we cooled down and drank lots more water, I made us each a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie.  Wowser!

Late late lunch today was the Asian-Flavored Quinoa Salad that was the featured recipe in the handout I got at my WW meeting yesterday.  Very nice.

I am reading lots about hydration and fuel during longer runs.  Wondering if there is something simpler than gus and gels... looking into gummies and jelly beans.  Any thoughts to help me out?


  1. For running fuel, gus and gels are great but they can get expensive!
    A lot of people (including me!) run with jelly beans or any gummy candies for long runs. I take about 50-100 calories for each hour I'm out running, and that seems to work for me!

  2. Thanks, Vanessa. I did see on your blog that you eat jelly beans when you run.


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