Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Yesterday was supposed to be a lovely day.

We did a short, quick run, yesterday morning and just as we got started, it started to rain... what's the best thing about running in the rain?  The hot shower afterwards.

W2 R18 @9/1 W2

Then the sun came out after lunch and it did turn out to be a lovely day.  I went for a  walk before dinner instead of my doing upper body workout and my planks.

This morning after breakfast we walked downtown and back - it was 90 minutes of brisk walking and quite enjoyable.  When we got back I did my upper body workout and will get in my planks later, promise.  My arms (delts) are sore today and the workout was hard.  I wonder why that is.

I have been playing with the Comments on this blog and set up DISQUS, but have now deleted it.  Although I liked being able to reply to individual comments, I found it annoying to have to log in to one more site.  It's gone, and unfortunately, so are the few comments that were posted while I had it running.

I have been mapping some new running routes today.  I am using the classic site on Map My Run.  I don't care for the new one.  I have a 9.25 km route mapped for Saturday and am quite excited about it.  Quite a bit of it is along the waterfront and I am looking forward to it.

Okay, I will go do my planks and get them over with!


  1. I've been going back and forth on what service to use for comments too

  2. hope your planks went well! you are awesome for sticking with those!! and sounds like you have an amazing run planned :)

  3. I love reading about your strength workouts!! I need to get back on top of mine - I stopped doing them as the marathon grew closer (due to the amount of running I was doing) and have not resumed them yet!

    Just know, by reading your posts, I am inspired to get back into strength training (particularly push-ups, which I had been trying to master) and work hard to reach my non-running fitness goals (i.e. push-ups and pull-ups).

    Thanks for always posting such inspiring recaps!

  4. Thanks for all the encouraging comments. You make me smile.


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