Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Saturday Morning

Saturdays at our place always start with a feed of pancakes and eggs, and lots of coffee.

And I did manage to wait a whole hour and a half before I started getting my gear ready to head out for my solo run.

The Captain was otherwise engaged for the morning, so I kissed him goodbye and said I would be gone about 90 minutes.

I had preplanned a 9.25 km run - a loop through town, along the waterfront, and back along a paved trail that parallels the highway.  And today I wore my heart rate monitor so I could make sure to keep my pace very slow... 70 to 75% of maximum heart rate, as I wanted to cover the distance with no walk breaks.

It was cloudy and humid and somewhat cool.... it had poured rain most of the night. 

I quite enjoyed the solitutude, and realized that is was my first time running alone since resuming running in April.  It was so quiet!  Very little traffic, few walkers and bikers, and I really felt the aloneness of it.

I glanced at my wrist occasionally to view the readout from my HRM and I think that for the most part, I was running at about 75 - 78% of maximum... every once in a while it would drop below that and I would pick it back up.

I drank a couple of ounces of water at the 32 minute mark, and then a few more at the 60 minute mark.  I was feeling very good, and realized that if I extended my distance, I might cover the whole 11.35 km that I still needed to get in, to complete my June distance goal.  I loped along, quite happily, trying to redraw the route in my head so as to be able to cover the distance without backtracking at all...

When I finally arrived back at the marina, 91 minutes after I had left, I was still feeling good, but somewhat tired.  I finished my water as I walked down the dock to our boat.  It so much more humid than it had been when I started out and I was very glad that I had taken the water with me.  Where was the wind that I had been groaning about yesterday?

I did my stretches and my pushups on the dock and then went it in and had a snack and got ready for my shower...

After I checked my route on Map My Run, I found  I had gone 10.35 km.  So I am still 1 km shy of my June distance goal of 40 km.  But, I had planned for my longest run this month to be 8 km, and 10.35 km is somewhat further... and I am pretty excited about that!

W2 R91 W3
pushups 20
stretch 7 minutes


  1. Great job with today's run--and adding mileage to it! I'm definitely a fan of running alone, it's so peaceful.

  2. awesome job on your run!!! it sounds like it was a peaceful and relaxing morning run...i love those kind! have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. It sounds like a great day to me! Love the pancakes, but will skip the eggs. You are rocking it with your plan:)
    BTW....Goslings dark run (preferably)for the Dark and Stormy/


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