Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever...

This morning after a late breakfast, we walked downtown, taking along the fire extinguishers from the galley and the salon... they need to be checked annually.  We dropped them off and then did a bit of shopping... found some awesome looking strawberries on sale for 99 cents per pound - wahooo! So had to get 2 pounds, of course.

We picked up the fire extinguishers and made our way back to the boat - about 80 minutes of actual brisk walking... and then I prepared  our favorite lunches.  That means noodles in chicken broth and veggies (green onions, carrots, snow peas) for The Captain, and a huge strawberry and spinach salad for me... with mushrooms, almonds and fat free raspberry vinaigrette.

And I experimented wih that microwave muffin that I made yesterday... adding cocoa powder to the mixture... and came up with this for our afternoon snack.

That is Balkan-stye yogurt with a bit of vanilla and sweetener mixed in.  Mmmmm.

I made sure to start the month off right by getting in my first upper body workout in some time.  I used 5-pound dumbbells and did
  • 12 bicep curls
  • 12 tricep kickbacks
  • 12 delt raises
  • 12 lat raises
  • 12 overhead presses
  • 12 upright rows 
and repeated the whole works 3 times.  I think it took about 15 minutes.  And I made sure to stretch my shoulders and triceps and chest afterwards.  I can feel it now a few hours later so I must have woken up some muscles.  Good.  The Captain is always amused when I do my workouts inside the boat as space is so limited for this kind of thing... he needs to be careful to stay out of my way!

I got the details for my plank challenge today and am going to review them tonight so I can start working them in into my rotation.  Thanks to Jill at One Tough Cookie and a Beer for the plank challenge.

I have been reading some old issues of Runners World today, and I am always surprised at the race distances that have become standard...

5 km, 10 km. 1/2 marathon, marathon, ultra marathon... why not 5 mies?  or 10 miles?

I know I could put strawberries on cereal at breakfast, and make smoothies with them, but I wonder if there is anything else I can do with them?


  1. What to do with strawberries--I put them on salads and on sandwiches instead of jelly, in oatmeal and yogurt. I also microwave them a little on low and add them as a compote of sorts for desserts. Yum!

  2. I will have to look up the plank challenge, I love a good challenge! Your strawberry salad looks delish!

  3. YUM! I love strawberries and that salad looks sooooooooo yummy! I have been putting strawberries on my ice cream and it is perfect at tricking my mind into thinking the ice cream is now extremely healthy :)

    have a wonderful day!


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