Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free Breakfast, May Recap, June Goals

The day started out with a quick trip to the local Subway restaurant where we scored a free breakfast sammy and coffee during a special promotion they had going today between 7 and 10 a.m.  I had never had one of their breakfasst before and it was pretty darn good.

A couple of hours later we laced up the running shoes and headed to shore.  We ran the 6.25 km route that I had planned for last Tuesday... it was nice.  We didn't talk much, just loped along, and enjoyed the flowers and the scenery and being outside in the morning breeze.  When we got back to the boat, I stretched for a full 8 minutes and did some pushups.  Actually, I did a lot of pushups - 3 sets of 10 each and I totally fatigued those muscles!  Felt great.

W2 R47 @9/1 W3

May Recap
  • This was my first time setting fitness goals - well in many years anyway.  I set a goal of running 31 km over the 31 days in the month of May.  I reached that goal on May 21st and my monthly total was 44.45 km.  Wahoooo!
  • I learned that I can run in the rain, but really don't like to.
  • I also learned that blogging, particularly my food/recipe blog, takes lots of time, but I love doing it.  
  • I need to get a better camera and learn to take better photographs.
  • Connecting with other people who have similar interests via their blogs and mine is fun and a good resource for me... so much information and experiences shared.
June Goals
  • I want to run 40 km in June.  I know this is less than I actually ended up running in May, but we have lots of things planned for June and I may actually get out running fewer times.
  • Therefore, I am going to do some longer runs in June - 8 km is the goal for my new long distance during the month of June.
  • I plan to keep working on my pushups this month and the goal is to be able to do 20 in a row by the end of the month.
  • I am going to start a program for my abs, too.  It will involve planks.  I don't have the details yet, but will soon.
  • I also intend to start working with my 5-lb dumbbells in June.  I am going to put together a program that involves bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, delt raises, lateral raises, overhead presses, and upward rows... about 20 minutes altogether.  And I intend to do it 3 X each week.
Now, looking back at this, I think I may be biting off more than I can chew, so to speak... but I have decided it is better to set the standards a bit too high and have something to reach toward.


It looks like we are going to be hauling the boat out of the water this month so that The Captain can put on a new coat of bottom-paint.

 Coming up out of the water on the sling.

And I am hoping we are heading off-Island on a driving holiday near the end of the month, too.  

Lots to look forward to.  Love that.


  1. Your June goals look do able. Just gotta schedule them in your planner so you wont forget. I am in week 3 of the push challenge and can do 17 push-ups compared to the 4 I could do when I first started. I've never been able to do this many push ups in my life. It's exciting :)

  2. That is a good idea. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Congrats of getting in so much mileage for the month of May! June goals look great, good luck!

  4. Thanks for that. I do appreciate your comments so much.

  5. Looks like great goals for June!!!

    Take Care...

  6. That is a good idea. Thanks for the tip.


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