Friday, May 6, 2011

Adios Cinquo de Mayo... I am moving on.

Yesterday was one of those busy days that just gets away on you.

After breakfast we did a 75 minute brisk walk into the heart of our seaside village to pick up our mail at the post office, and I scored a 6 lb. bag of barely ripe bananas for 99 cents at a local market!  The Captain had to carry them home, but I will get to enjoy eating most of them.

We spent the afternoon at a shopping mall in the City... and then we went to dinner at the home of the folks where we house and kitty sat this past winter.  They have just arrived home from Mexico so we had Cinquo de May inspired appies... and then a beautiful Mediterranean dinner.  It was fun to catch up with them as we only saw them briefly when they arrived home last Sunday, as we vacated and came back to the boat.  And it was nice to see the kits again... I know they were happy to see us, too.

Today it is gloomy and soggy outside.  If I were less of a wimp, I would go out for a walk - I plan a run tomorrow... and I have decided to do my 100 Pushups workouts on my run days.  The pushups seem to fit well between my after-run stretches.

I did go to the local Weight Watchers meeting to do my May weigh in this morning.  I have been well under my official goal for many many years but I still go weigh once a month to keep my membership current, and pick up any handouts they offer. 

I have been thinking about this lately... about why I don't seem to be able to maintain my weight on my own, and why I need to have someone I don't even know weigh me once a month.

I am puffy today, from all the salty food last night and lemon water is my drink of choice today.  The lemon juice really does work to help release excess water that I am retaining.

Little update - did finally go out for a late afternoon walk in the rain... around a nearby island and it took 35 minutes.  No goslings yet, but did see some Canada geese and lots of ducks, and a couple of blue herons.

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