Monday, May 2, 2011

Life is Good on the Ark

This morning it was raining so hard when we woke up that I was seriously glad we were sleeping on an 'ark'!  And it rained on and off all day... and now that it is dinner time, and I am otherwise engaged, the sun has come out, the sky is blue, and it is gorgeous out there.  Life is good and I am so happy to be back on the sailboat.

Most of the day was spent reorganizing lockers and updating my food inventory.  I am happy to say that I have not banged a knee or an elbow yet, and I am making a conscious effort not to move to quickly,  and watch where I am walking.  Spaces are smaller and I need to remember to make my movements smaller and slower, too.

I cooked and froze some quinoa and farro and packaged it in individual servings to bring along from the house, just so I would have some things at the ready for quick meals.  And, after seeing all the rain today, I was really glad I had done that.

Moisture inside is a the biggest concern when it is rainy or foggy outside.  We do have a dehumidifier we can use if we really need it, but it is easier to just not steam up the salon and galley area in the first place.  The Captain even took the drip coffee pot out into the enclosed cockpit today and that worked really well.  We have a new stainless steel thermos that keeps things hot for 24 hours and it is a huge improvement over the one we just ditched.

So, no workout today but I am planning a full day's outing for tomorrw... we are going to pack a cooler and drive partway back to the City to do a 10 km walk around a lake, and have some lunch there... then errands in the City and a trip to the park to see the Spring flowers... one of my favorite May rituals.

Tonight I am getting out John Stanton's Running Start to Finish and I am going to start reading it, again, from the beginning.

I don't keep a lot of books on board, but this is one I like to refer to from time to time.  I think it will help me with planinng how I am going to get in my 31 km running this month.

Yesterday I made sure to drink lots of water, and I also ate half a banana before bed time last night.. no leg cramps during the night, thank goodness.  I have done a bit of research online, and really think that dehydration was my problem.  Today I am making sure to have one glass of water for every cup of coffee I am drinking!

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