Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easy 5+

We had a delicious feed of French Toast this morning cause I planned a 5 km mid-morning run with The Captain.

We were loping along and having such a good time, that I actually forgot we had passed the mid-point turnaround and so it actually ended up being 5.2 km... and in only 38 minutes which is a very good time for me.  How I love this flat little part of the world!

W2 R38 @9/1 W4

I really enjoyed my stretches and pushups afterward, too.  I have always felt that the stretching is just something I know I have to do, but lately I am really starting to enjoy it.  Progress.

Pushusp today:
Set 1 - 5
Set 2 - 5
Set 3 - 5
Set 4 - 5
Set 5 - 3

I admit to forgetting to check the schedule before we headed out again... but I guessed fairly accurately at the numbers when I checked after they were already done.

It is going to rain all day tomorrow so I am cooking some pasta and some grains for tomorrows meals. I hate steaming up the salon in the sailboat when it is raining and we cannot open the windows much.

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