Monday, May 30, 2011

Needing a Workout KITB

My total workout today consisted of hitting golf balls at the driving range for about an hour.  In other words... there was no workout.  Not even a walk.

I did bring my 5 pound dumbbells on board, and there they sit, on the floor in the aft cabin on a pair of shoes... wating to be noticed.  I need a KITB.

When we are on the boat I tend to get very hit and miss with my reistance training.  I walk lots, run some, hike some, bike occasionally.... but I rarely do anything for my abs or my upper body.  This season I have been alternating pushups with after-run stretches, but I know it isn't enough.  I think I am about to embark on a new program...  I hope to have some details tomorrow.

The food highlight of my day was some new Moist Microwave  Muffins that I put together...  only 73 calories, no fat and really tasty. 

Pumpkin, spices, spelt flour, sweetener, baking powder, and egg whites.  2 minutes in the mike and presto!  I think I will keep experimenting... surely chocolate cannot be far behind.


  1. Love microwave muffins! I used to make them all the time---perfect portion control! What do you bake them in? I used to use silicone muffin holders (individual ones) and they were great!

  2. Microwave muffins???? that sounds amazing! And if you ask me...hitting golf balls is totally a workout! but I may just be really terrible at golf and make it much more work than it needs to be. haha!

    Excited to see your new workout plans! Have a wonderful day!

  3. That muffin looks and sounds delish!

  4. I made them in little pyrex glass dishes... some of the few real glass things I have on the boat. Just the right size for this.

    Yes, portion control! And they make up so quickly it is worthwhile.


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