Sunday, May 22, 2011

Walking and Shopping

A rather nice, but uneventful Sunday.

I made lovely omelets for breakfast, loaded full of fresh veggies.  Then we both set about to taking care of some chores...

Ater lunch I walked to town to do some marketing.  I don't really like going for a walk, just to walk, unless it is social... but I do like to walk instead of driving, in order to accomplish routine tasks.

Today I was on the lookout for a new food scale.  I have an electronic one that I prefer not to use on the boat, and I did have a nice little spring-loaded scale, that I recently broke.  I set out today to replace it, but didn't find one I liked.  I shall keep looking.

And, because I was alone I took the time to snoop in a couple of stores The Captain wouldn't care for.  One was a health food store and I was pleased to find a huge bulk foods section there.  The other was a new green goods shop.

My walk was about 2 hours altogether, only about 75 minutes of that was brisk heart-pumping exercise,  and when I got back on board, I made sure to stretch my hips and my calves.

Oh yeah, I also brought The Captain a huge, fresh cinnamon roll from the bakery.

Score points for me!


  1. your walk sounds so relaxing! and YUM! I have not had a cinnamon roll in forever :)

  2. Mmm Cinnamon rolls! Can't wait to hit up some local bakeries when I'm stateside this summer!

  3. Hi, new follower! Mmma huge fresh cinnamon roll sounds so good right now. Sounds like you had a great walk!


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