Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Had the Best Day!

I love my day.

We woke up to blue sky and sunshine and had a nutritious and filling breakfast which included the very last one of our ruby red grapefruits for this season... sprinkled with cinnamon. Mmmm. 

Then, after The Captain put our golf bags into the car and managed to find me some golf shoes, I got ready to go and packed us a small cooler full of snacks... cold leftover pizza, grape tomatoes, snap peas, fresh green beans, apples, bananas, and a few bottles of cold water.  And The Captain filled the coffee thermos with freshly brewed dark roast.  I hate being more than 5 minutes away from eating, should I get hungry, and often pack my own eats around with me.

We drove into the city to renew our Triple A membership and then went to a nearby beautiful seaside golf course to practice putting for a while. 

Needing some sun for sure!

Ater about an hour, we drove a few blocks to another beautiful steep-hillside course for coffee and a snack, and watched some ladies foursomes.  I should stop typing beautiful.  I have never been on a golf course that was not beautiful.

But I am not liking this year's golf shoes.  They all look like sneakers to me.

And finally off to the driving range.  We alternated hitting balls with munching, and spent a couple of hours on the upper deck of the driving range in the hot sunshine.  Good thing I remembered to bring sunblocker for our lips.

It was wonderful!  I even stopped occasionally to stretch, and I drank lots of water. No leg cramps for me tonight. 

I love my golf clubs.  I love hitting golf balls.  When we golfed regularly I would go to the range at our club and hit balls for hours.  We each hit a bucketful of 135 balls today... well I gave the last half dozen of mine to The Captain, just so I could sit and watch him hit them. 

The sea otter came from Pebble Beach and covers my 3 wood.  The dog is in honor of our first Springer Spaniel, Penny, and covers my 9 wood. 

Then we drove back to our village and took the last of the coffee in our cups to the waterfront walk and nibbled our apples and people-watched.   So many happy faces out in the sunsine today.  And we met the neatest dog... a beautiful pale yellow labrador retriever, who was walking with his 'Mom', carrying his own stuffed sheep in his mouth... and he even brought it over to us to let us look at it... darn, no camera. 

We came back to the boat, tired and happy.  A wonderful day.  I am really so easy to please.


  1. That does sound like a great day! Golf isn't my thing...but being out and enjoying a great day is :)

  2. I JUST discovered you have this other blog. Dang it...I am SLOW! I am loving this blog and seriously loved reading your about me!

    I wish I could get into golfing...I really do. I always blame it on the fact that I played softball my whole life so a golf swing really never made sense to me...but really I am just bad! haha!

  3. girl, this day DOES look amazing! and you're right about "grains. are. great." they are! i knew i couldn't give em up! : )


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