Monday, May 16, 2011

Freggie Love

Well the rain finally quit.. and we ventured out today, in the car, to do errands in the village and pick up some fresh freggies... I love shopping for produce.

Today I picked up some luscious fresh strawberries and could barely wait to get back on board before putting together this pretty strawberry spinach salad for my lunch.

And my latest snack craving?  Green string beans along with snap peas.  I must be lacking something to be so focussed on these 2 veggies... but cannot imagine what it would be as I eat tons of freggies every day.  Hmmm?  Oh well, I am certainly loving the crunch.

I am planning tomorrow's run and am looking forward to the sun shining.  You had better be right, Mr. Weatherman!

And then The Captain can start cleaning some of the winter green off the fibre glass hull on the sloop.  That will make him smile, for sure.


  1. This is one of my favorite salad combos: almonds, spinach, and strawberries!

  2. I am loving snap peas right now. Yum! I ate a whole bag in a day. Opps!


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