Saturday, May 28, 2011

All's Well That Ends Well




I think I should have key on this laptop that prints this

so I don't have to wear out the R and the A and the I and the N, using them too much this Spring.

So, yes,  my morning plans got a bit waylaid. Although it did start well... The Captain made breakfast while I drank coffee and read email.

I am such a lucky girl.

While we were eating, it started to pour buckets... and The Captain suggested we should put off our run until tomorrow.  I told him that I was sure there would be a break eventually and that I wanted to go even if there wasn't.  So we waited, and I read a Shape magazine, and The Captain flipped channels on the tv.

Sure enough, about 11 a.m. there was a b-r-e-a-k in the deluge.  We quickly got our run and rain gear on, and headed to shore to do a quick 3 km run.  It was drizzling but not a lot, and after about 10 minutes, it stopped altogether... so I slyly suggested we could probably go a bit further cause it probably wouldn't rain again till we got back to the marina. 

Thankfully, he agreed and we did run somewhat further than planned when we set out.  As we carried on, the sky kept getting brighter and we got back to the boat without getting any wetter.

I was so happy!  I did some extra stretching and some pushups, too, to celebrate.

W2 R29 @ 9/1 W3 (run portion mapped at 4.0 km exactly)
stretch 9 minutes
pushups 5 - 5- 5 -7 -7

After I finished cooling down and drinking a big glass of water, I whizzed us up a couple of new smoothies.  I call them Power-Packed Pumpkin Smoothies and made them with canned pumpkin, Almond Breeze, vanilla protein powder and spices.  They were so thick we ended up eating them with a spoon!

They were so satisfying that lunch ended up being about 2 hours late today.  But it was delicious and crunchy... using up some leftovers in the fridge.  I am so in love with the colored bell peppers I bought a couple of days ago, I cannot stop taking pictures of them.

It actually turned out to be a nice, sunny afternoon... and we got in a walk before prepping dinner... more peppers.  This time I got them ready and The Captain grilled them on the BBQ, along with some onion slices.   We have never done that before and I was thrilled with the results.

I made a simple pasta dinner of cooked rotini, sundried tomato pesto (Classico) and a couple of wedges of Laughing Cheeese stirred in.  Very tasty and I am so glad I thought to pick up that pesto when I spotted it in the store.  Sometimes it really pays off having ready-made items in the cupboard.

All in all, a great day.


  1. I am going to have to try that smoothie,, I love pumpkin! This has been the rainiest year EVER!

  2. it really has been raining so much lately...i hate it!

    the pics of your food are amazing...looks so delicious!

    glad you were able to get your run in :)

    enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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