Monday, May 23, 2011

Flowers Make Me Smile

We finally got out in the sundshine with the camera this morning, to wander around town and photgraph the gorgeous Spring flowers, and flowering shrubs and trees that are full bloom right now.

We took dozens of photos and I hope to use some of them in the notecards I like to make for family and friends.

And yes, I remembered to stretch when we got back to the marina.

Unfortunately, the afternoon was spent indoors... my main laptop has developped a white vertical line on the screen, about an inch wide, and I know it signals the end coming soon.  I spent a few hours making sure I have all our personal files backed up, twice.  Yes, likely a bit excessive, but I cannot bear the thought of losing any of the years of photographs we have taken.

On a happier, and more exciting to me note... tomorrow is my birthday.  I have chosen a run in the morning, followed by a Japanese lunch in the city, an afternoon at the driving range, and a pancake dinner, back on board... leaving out a few details.

I had thought to go for a run and a round of golf but that may be too much on the same day... and I am trying out new running shoes, too.  Will keep it fairly short, just in case.


  1. those flowers really are gorgeous!

    Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned! Enjoy it!

  2. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.

  3. Your birthday plan sounds almost exactly like what mine would be! Minus the golfing---but Japanese for lunch and pancakes for dinner yum!! Hope you enjoy your special day!

  4. Thanks so much! So nice of you all to drop by and wish me well.


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