Sunday, May 29, 2011

Loving the Freggies

It is so lovely to wake up and see blue sky through the hatches in the salon.  I have decided that I am done complaining about the weather.  I am going to embrace whatever comes and make the best of it. 

We had a busy morning - off to the city to do some shopping and we stopped at both of my 2 favorite produce markets. 

When we got back on board, I took the time to wash and prep all the veggies before I put them into the icebox.  It makes things so much easier for me in my small space, when I go to use them.  But I do just enjoy the doing of it. 
I love the look of the vegetables... the smell... the feel... I know it is kinda silly, but I do just so enjoy handling and washing and trimming and then bagging all these lovely green and red and yellow and orange vegetables.

Ater I got done, I celebrated by making us each a bowl of cold and creamy Cucumber and Avocado Soup to start our lunches...

The tangy lime zest on the top of this mixture is just so darned delicious!

The rest of the day flew by...  walked to town and back along the waterfront late this afternoon and then did another BBQ for dinner.  I made up some veggie skewers to go along with the marinated chicken kebabs that we found at M&M meats....

Mmmmm....  and a real treat.  We don't eat a lot of meat in the summer.

I wonder if other people eat 'seasonally' like we do?


  1. Your food looks delicious! I eat seasonally to a degree--in the winter I eat less fruit, more root vegetables, and I eat a lot of stews and soups. In the summer I avoid cooking at all costs! It's barbeques, salads, sandwiches, that sort of thing. And as much local fruit as I can get my hands on!

  2. That sounds like me too.

    The prettier and the crunchier the better!


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