Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Short. Sweet.

This  morning we did a 3 km run around some residential streets near the marina.  It was wonderful...  flat, sunny, pretty, and short!  The best.

W2 R22 @9/1 W2

I forgot to look up the next installment of the 100 Pushups Challenge so I just did some in between after-run stretching.

Set 1 - 6
Set 2 - 6
Set 3 - 7
Set 4 - 6
Set 5 - 5

I have been thinking a lot about stretching lately.  Usually I spend 3 or 4 minutes after I run stretching my quads, calves, ham strings, and hip flexors.  For the shorter distances I am running right now, is this enough?

We are continuing to organize lockers, make decisions as to what does and more importantly, doesn't, need to be on board right now.  It all takes time and we love doing it... prepping for the upcoming season and talking about places we want to visit and people we may see again.

The Captain is doing his best to ignore the winter green on the fibreglass hull as we are not at the point where we are ready to start outside cleaning yet... but today he did assemble our BBQ and install it on the transom, so that means veggie burgers for supper tonight.

I just looked up the details of the 100 Pushup Challenge for Week 2, Day 1 and see that I actually did more than was scheduled.  I think Week 2 just might be all right!

Week 2, Day 1
Set 1 - 4
Set 2 - 6
Set 3 - 4
Set 4 - 4
Set 5 - minimum 6

I can do that!

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