Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leisurely Sunday

My day started out with an awesome new breakfast creation...  'Frenched' Strawberry and Cream Cheese Sandwiches.   They were sooo good.

An hour long walk to town followed, where I was lucky enough to find strawberries still on sale and today, spinach too.  Of course that was lunch!

I did the same upper body workout with my 5-lb dumbbells, that I put together last week, and then followed that with my new plank routine.  Again, could only do 2 sets.  I am really struggling with side planks. 

Should I just forget them?  Are they worthwhile?  I must be doing them incorrectly cause I don't feel anything in my abs, but more in the upper body.  I am going to find some illustrations somewhere.

I spent the rest of the afternoon 'playing beads'... put together a couple of stretchy bracelets...

and another one, beads strung on wire, using one of my earned WW charms.


  1. That frenched sandwich looks so yummY! Nice job with the bracelets, I like them! Not sure what to tell you about the planks, hmmm are you making sure to hold your core in a strait line and keeping it tight? You will feel it some in you upper body too.

  2. Good Morning,
    Your french toast sounds delicious... as well as the salad.
    I look forward to following your wokout routine!
    Love your bracelets... esp the last one.. reminds me of the beach.. beautiful colors.
    Take care,

  3. Hey, that was my intent... sea blue and the beach. Thanks for the compliments - very nice coming from another jewellery maker!

  4. Thanks, Christy. I am looking at videos right now to see what I have been doing wrong.

  5. I love the bracelets! Also I must try the frenched sandwiches! sounds so delicious! Good luck with the planks...I am SO terrible at them and they hurt my shoulders more than anything so I am usually a baby about them. I do wish I could be better at them though! have a fabulous night!

  6. Aw, thanks for that.
    I really do think I need to keep at these planks. Appreciate the encouragement!


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