Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And Now... Practising Chi Running

After breakfast The Captain drove to the marina to work on his interior boat varnishing projects and I reviewed my Chi Walking technique because I wanted to use it during my morning run.

When I was ready, I set out on a familiar route, with so many things on my mind...

keep my head up and level
lead with my core, keeping my pelvis lifted and torso in C shape
make sure my feet are pointing straight ahead
keep my shoulders down
make sure I am not striding out too far

So many things to think about, and the time just flew by.  After about half an hour I realized I hadn't thought about a walk break, and unless doing a LSR, I normally do them in a run 9 minutes/walk 1 minute pattern.  I decided not to bother with them today, as I was on the home uphill stretch and wouldn't need one.

And I started to forget thinking all those technical thoughts, too, and just really enjoyed the last few minutes of my run. 

When I got back to the house I quickly downed a couple of glasses of water and then made a wonderful smoothie to enjoy while I stretched.

banana, soy milk, vanilla, Nutella

W3 R36 W4
4.65 km on Map My Run
stretch 5 minutes

The Captain is supposed to bring my 8 lb dumbbells with him when he returns today so will look forward to putting an upper body workout together...

Do you practise a particular running technique?

Do you drink milk?  Dairy? Soy? Almond? Rice?

And an update... several hours later, my legs feel great and no knee pain.  I think this is gonna be a conversion for me!


  1. You are making me excited to read the book. I am not going to start until after my half marathon next month. I don't want to mess with my form until what here is basically the off season for racing until March.

    Yay for your dumb bells!

  2. I've been a Chi runner for years now, although my form goes to pot in the late miles.
    Lately I've been enjoying coconut milk. Nutella in a smoothie sounds fabulous!


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