Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Almost the Weekend

The move went smoothly... picked up some groceries, too and got settled nicely.  I have several new recipes I want to try out while we are here so I was eager to get the ingredients.  And The Captain was really  happy to fill up the freezer with his favorite frozen pizzas, cinnamon rolls and lean beef burgers.

A lovely surprise in our mail box on Thursday!

The Gotein that I recently won on Rachelle's giveaway arrived and I am so looking forward to trying it out after our morning run on Saturday.  Thanks again, Rachelle.

The lady of the house that we are staying in must love flowers as much as I do.  She left me several fresh arrangements to enjoy.  Here are 2 of them...

and this is a little peak at the breakfast patio just outside the above-sink kitchen window...  absolutely lovely.  The fountain on the left side of the table attracts lots of birds and butterflies.

It's going to be very fun staying here as we have been house and kitty sitting at the house next door for the past 2 winters... and so the kits came by to see us when they heard our voices out there yesterday... I think they are wondering why we are in the wrong yard!

Today I went to the Weight Watchers meeting that I normally attend in the winter and enjoyed meeting up with some old 'friends' and the leader.  It was a great meeting about putting together healthy meatless meals and I got a lot of good information from it. 

And then this afternoon, we went for a bike ride.  These folks have a pair of bicycles and helmets that they suggested we use at will... so off we went for about an hour.  We revisited a trail that we have run and walked a few times, and it was great to be part of the bike gang for a change.  Very busy spot on a lovely Friday summer afternoon and we really had to keep our wits about us... and we made sure to use our bells to warn people we were approaching from behind to pass them.  I wish more people would do that!

These bikes are great;  the low gears are very low which is nice for going up hills and athough I didn't think I was getting much of a workout, by the time we had ridden an hour - a 20 km out and back - my quads were like jelly.  Holy Shimano gears, Batman!  I was tired!

First fresh corn of the season tonight and it was wonderful... so glad I bought enough for tomorrow too.


  1. What a lovely house to stay in--and how sweet that you were left those beautiful flower arrangements!

  2. Hey! Just found your blog - love the "sail run" theme. Sounds like an amazing way to live!

  3. the yard and the pics of the flowers are gorgeous!!! you will love that gotein...i am thinking i may need to give in and buy some ;) love it for recovery! hope you enjoy your weekend!

  4. Have you tried the goteins yet? I won some the other week and I looove them. Wish they were cheaper though, but they are so very convenient!


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