Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Bakefest and Afternoon Run

I was afraid that my quads might be sore when I got up this morning from yesterday's bike ride, but they weren't.  Hurray!    I do so wish we had a place to keep bicycles cause I sure would like to have one all the time.  I had forgotten how much I like to ride.

To start the day off we enjoyed a re-run of last week's blackberry pancake breakfast...

I love the color of the blue batter in the bowl...

And in the pan...

But most especially on my plate!

While we ate breakfast I thought out loud about what route we should take on our morning run, and then The Captain announced that he wanted to work on some interior boat varnishing today.   He thought it might take a couple of hours and he would need a half hour travel time each way.  After a lot of discussion, we decided that he should go on back to the marina after breakfast and get it started,  and I would stay behind here and test a couple of recipes I have been wanting to try.

We could get out for our run later in the afternoon.

So, off he went in the car, and off I went into the kitchen.  I baked up a half batch of delicious skinny cranberry cinnamon muffins... the basis of which is a recipe one of my WW buddies shared with me.  Of course I had to eat one of those... and take pictures, and write it up for my food blog.  Then I also baked a nice low-sugar blackberry crisp, which I have managed not to taste so that we can have it for dessert tonight.  And I had to take pictures of that and write another blog entry... all very time consuming but fun.

At about 12:30 I called The Captain to see how things were coming along and mentioned a couple of items I wanted him to bring me from the boat.  It was odd talking to him on the phone - hardly ever do that anymore - and he told me he had made good progress on his work and would be back to the house in about half an hour.  He was just getting ready to lock up when I called.

All righty then!  I scrambled to get dressed and  I also washed my face,  combed my hair, and brushed my teeth.  Kind of silly really... I mean, what husband wouldn't be happy to come home in the afternoon to find his wife in her jammies, covered in flour dust, with messy bed hair and coffee breath?  I wasn't about to take the chance!

But, he did come in and say that the house smelled wonderful and so that earned him lots of brownie points.  I made his favorite udon noodles for lunch as a reward.

Later, we did get in that mid-afternoon run... it was 5.6 km and it was pretty slow but my excuse today is that it was hot out there... and we are now back in a hilly neighborhood!

W5 R46 W4
stretch 6 minutes

We did our stretch out in the back yard and our next-door kitties came by to visit and talk to us and rub up against my sweaty legs.   I shared a packet of strawberry Gotein with The Captain... too delicious, and he thought so too.

And my knee is not sore and I am happy.  I am planning a trail bike ride for tomorrow and I think I will pack us a lunch.

And I am going to look into doing some strength, core,  and upper body work while we are here. 


  1. What a nice day of baking, blogging, and run! I always scramble to look presentable when hubby comes home--silly, but I think it's a nice gesture!

  2. You are a cooking and baking machine!! Those pancakes looks absolutely delicious!

    Awesome that your knee is not sore :) Keep up those nice runs!

    Thanks for the blog love!! I'm excited for this giveaway and also to tackle the program myself!!


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