Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Run, a Walk, and Fresh Berries

The day started out with a hearty, hot breakfast.  I love this carrot cake oatmeal and if you are someone who has oats every morning and would like to change them up a bit... try it.

Grated carrots and raisins, cinnamon, vanilla, sweetener...

Yogurt on top!

About an hour later we headed out for a run... no set destination or distance, just wanted to get out and test the knee.

It all went really well and I concentrated on the 'chi' technique and using my core and my large hip and leg muscles to propel myself, making sure to come down on the middle of my feet, rather than my heels... this is actually easier when running, than walkinng I think.

I recalled that I was practising 'chi' golf last year until that became a natural action - generating the power in my golf swing from my core.

I am beginning to have a better understanding of why it is so important to have a strong core and I will be concentrating more on this when setting more workout goals.

The run lasted 26-1/2 minutes and it turned out to be 3.75 km.  I thought we might get through it without a walking break, but did take one at the 14 minute mark.  Back at the boat, a good stretch and then a quick glass of skim milk and half a banana to help recover.

W2 R26.5 @14/1 W3
stretch 5 minutes

Late this afternoon we walked to town and back to pick up our mail, and we stopped on the way back to pick blackberries... and eat some too.  So delicious. 

An elderly lady riding her little scooter stopped while I was picking and told me I was lucky to be so tall.. she told The Captain that when she used to pick berries, she brought a cane with her cause the best, biggest berries were always out of reach.  The Captain offered his bowl of just-picked berries to her and she helped herself to a handful and gobbled them right up.  Then she took a few more, thanked him profusely and then drove away, with a wave back to us.

Very cute.

I think we have about 2 cups and I cannot wait to have some with my breakfast on Wednesday.


  1. Yum! Berries are the best and that oatmeal looks phenomenal!!

  2. i LOVE fresh berries. I think I say that every time you post about it...haha! That oatmeal looks amazing and I have been getting bored with my "typical" oats lately so I may need to give these oats a try!

    Also...I have been trying the "chi" form you talk about in my own runs and I really really like focusing on that. I am not always perfect with it but I can tell a difference and I feel stronger when I hit a portion of a run where I am doing well with it! Thanks for drawing my attention to this technique!

  3. I am going to have to try that oatmeal as soon as I remember to buy some! Two trips to the store with that on the list and I forgot both times. Aacl! Love the story about the old lady and sharing the blackberries..so awesome.

  4. Wow that carrot cake oatmeal just looks amazing - I will have to give it a try soon!!

  5. The berries, oatmeal, salads look yummy. You have me thinking....need to get back to oatmeal. I'm trying to eat more berries.
    Also, how's the Chi working out? Brian bought me Chi Running. Good luck with your packing. Will probably be nice to be on land for a bit:)!
    Remember: Find Your Strong! I still like doing the plank for core.


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