Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Walking, Microwave Muffins and Peaches

I got out for my usual 5 mile walk today... the knee was feeling good so I decided to go for it. 

These walks are not only part of my daily 'calorie burn' but something that I really enjoy doing.  I love that the folks in this small town are so friendly.  Everyone who passes by greets me with a happy 'Hello' or 'Good Morning'  and is willing to stop and let me pat their dogs!

I made an effort to do the Chi Walking Technique today... lean forward from the ankles; bring my feet up behind me and set them down with a mid-foot strike; walk from the hip, not the knees.  It was a real effort but I had my first pain-free 5 mile walk in 10 day so I do think there is something to it.  I probably looked like a dork but I don't care.  If you saw some of the 'silly walks' I see here, you wouldn't care either.  :)

I wandered into the local health food store, which I never do when The Captain is with me, and picked up some organic spelt flour for these little Microwave Muffins I am obsessed with lately.... and also some raisins, wheat bran, and gummie bears (for The Captain).  I use spelt cause I like it, but whole wheat or even white flour works too.

Tommow I am going on a hunt for peaches...  if you are a peach or a nectarine lover, you HAVE to try these Honey-Glazed Peaches that I posted on my food blog yesterday...  too delicious!

What are you eating lately that you cannot get your fill of?


  1. yay!!!! love hearing that you are walking and running with no pain. I like the idea of movement coming from the hip...makes so much sense! YUM!!! the food looks amazing as always...I have been loving fresh cherries lately and have been eating them at almost every meal..haha! have a wonderful night!

  2. Um - I can't get enough of unhealthy things lately!?!

    Seriously, though, I have been craving any kind of fruit so those peaches look amazing! I am going to look at the recipe - thanks! I also can't get enough of eggs. Basically, the food on your blog always looks SO good to me!

  3. No pain! That is great. I can't seem to get enough cold fruit like watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple. Yum!


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