Monday, August 22, 2011

Pracitising Chi Walking

Sunday was a great day!

We ate breakfast and then I packed a lunch to take along on our bike ride... we rode about 10 km along a trail that passes through suburbs, farmland, and forests.  Busy and beautiful day, but everyone we passed was really friendly... much more casual than the few miles we rode through the more urban areas a few days ago.

We enjoyed our lunches in the sunshine, sitting on the patio in the garden at Mattick's Farm Market, and then rode back, stopping to picks some blackberries along the way.  The riding took about 75 minutes altogether and my legs were not as tired as they were the first time we rode, a few days ago.

When we got back to the house I stretched my legs and then we did a bit of gardening.  So nice to have some flower beds to putter in and take care of for the time we are here.  The yard is quite spectacular.... blossoms everyhere.  Their son got married in the yard a couple of weeks ago and it is all in it's prime right now.

For dinner we BBQ'd some New York steaks and I tried out a new eggplant marinade.  I had The Captain grill the eggplant slices too and I was in food Heaven.  I loved them.  He was less enthusiastic, but that was okay cause I had the leftovers in a sandwich for lunch today.

This morning it rained.  I wasn't even sorry to see it as we really did need it.  We took the opportunity to run some errands in the car and then I did a short workout when we got back...  I need to seriously start working on my upper body and my core, I know I do.  But it is so easy not to.

In June I was able to do 20 pushups in a row.  Today I did 10. Sad but just proved to me how quickly upper body strength can go South.

My workout today:
10 pushups
laying quad raises, 11 per leg
bridges, 25
side planks, 30 seconds
straight arm plank, 45 seconds\

Pretty puny and short but that was it.

Then I put the Chi Walking DVD that I borrowed from the library into one of the laptops and watched a couple of chapters.  Very intriguing and it is going to take some practice to get it right.  I also borrowed the book and so will have that to refer to as I gain more experience with the technique.

To set up correct posture:
  • make sure feet are pointing forward and weight is evenly distributed along the foot
  • use one hand to lift upper body and the other to place chin
  • use one hand on back and one hand on tummy to level pelvis and engage core
  • use one hand to set alignment of torso by leaning into it

I also learned how to determine a correct stride length for myself and then how to walk, by lifting legs, letting the foot drop, and setting the foot down gently under my body... not pushing from the heel or toes. 

It is going to take some work and some practice, but I am determined it is worthwhile.

And tomorrow, The Captain is going to pick up my dumbbells from the boat - hurray.  Then I can start a proper upper body/core workout again.


  1. I just bought a book on chi running. I haven't started reading it yet, but I bet it has a lot of the same principles!

  2. That bike ride sounded great. I love a nice ride. YAY, and your food sounded delicious as well =) Thanks for the follow and blog love! Have a great day =)



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