Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Workout for Me Today

No workout for me today, unless you call packing a workout... perhaps...

We are moving off the boat early tomorrow morning for a month-long house sit in the City.  I am kind of excited about it - we will have a FREEZER there so that means different eats.  I can do some baking, too, and not worry about eating it all the same day!

Today I am obsessed with the blackberries we picked yesterday afternoon.

Stirred some into my morning oats as they cooked...

Aren't they pretty?

and then tossed a few more on the top with some yogurt.

And for lunch, I put a handful on top of my salad...

Mixed greens, onions, mushrooms, tuna, blackberries, with lemon poppyseed dressing.

So delicious and sweet.

A very big 'thanks' to Vanessa at Gourmet Runner for trying my Honey-Glazed Peaches and blogging about it... and also linking back to my food blog post.  So nice of you to do that and I am thrilled that you liked them.  Your pictures are beautiful. 

I found peaches and nectarines on sale so will be picking up some tomorrow after we get settled in our new temporary digs.


  1. yum! your eats today look colorful and delicious!

  2. Summer fruit is the best! I cannot keep peaches/nectarines in stock around here cuz the kids eat them so fast...not that I'm complaining. Your blackberries look divine!


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