Thursday, August 25, 2011

August Goal #2 √

This morning we got up very early and had breakfast and by 8:00 a.m. we were in the car and headed downtown to take care of my second August running goal.

During Victoria Marathon weekend, there is a 8km road race.  It is an out-and-back that starts downtown on the Inner Harbour at a ferry terminal, winds its way through a trendy highrise neighborhood, and eventually flanks the waterfront along the Strait of Juan De Fuca, which is the border between Canada and America.

I wanted to run that route.  And that was my #2 running goal for this month.   Yesterday I gave The Captain a choice... we could run it today or we could run it next Tuesday.  He chose today.

I didn't want to fight for a parking space downtown so we agreed to leave the car at the turnaround point, and run the route backwards.  That would mean running uphill the last 2 km but it's not severe and really not very far.

I carried a bottle of water for us to share and off we went... we decided not to run on the road, which, of course, is the actual race route, but on a paved path nearby.  It meanders a bit and the first kilometer is through an off-leash area and it is always fun for me to meet and greet the pooches that are out running and playing with each other.

I was happy that there was no wind today.  Somtimes it howls so strongly up the Strait that is is hard to walk against.  But it was a beautiful, sunny morning and just the right conditions for a run.  There was a cruise ship in port, and such a nice day for the tourists to be out wandering around, too.

I was practising my Chi Running technique and it is beginning to come more naturally to me.  I was able to talk to The Captain as we ran along together, and only occasionally mentally check my form.  It was supposed to be a s-l-o-w run but for the most part my heart rate was over 85% of my max as it just seemed so easy to keep that pace and I felt like I was just gliding.  I am sure that the shorter stride I am using with the Chi Runnning technique is to thank for that.

It felt easy.  I didn't feel any fatigue in my legs at all as I wasn't overstriding, just coming down on my feet as I propelled myself along.  I could really feel that I was using my core and I think my lower abs were getting a workout too.

We did the first half in 32 minutes.  Then turned around and headed back.  It was a bit slower, even though I maintained the same heart rate, because it was uphill.  A gentle slope that I never really noticed in the car driving on the road, but definitely there and very noticeable as I travelled it on foot!

And then I remembered that I was carrying water and so grabbed the bottle out of my waist pack and handed it to The Captain to open.  I had been enjoying myself so much, and talking so much, I had forgotten to have a drink!  We did knock it back though, just as we finished running the last kilometer, back in the doggie park.

I mixed us a vanilla Gotein to share as we stretched and then we ate some fruit and an oatbar.  I was glad I had taken a change of shoes - some flipflops, and a towel.  Being sweaty while running is great... aftwerward, not so much.  The Captain was smart enough to take a clean Tee along and was thankful for that.

After my shower, back at the house, I mapped the route in more detail and see that we completed 8.2 km. 

W2 R68 W3
stretch 6 minutes

So now my August running goals are complete.  Will have to find something a bit more challenging for September.


  1. CONGRATS on accomplishing your goals for the month. That has got to feel awesome :) I have seriously missed reading your blog this week. The way you describe your runs...I just feel like I am right there with you. They sound full of adventure, possibility and lightheartedness. I have not been doing much running this week but last week I was becoming quite intrigued with the chi has definitely been helping a lot of the pain i was feeling and I hope to continue to improve with it as you have :) great run! sounds amazing!

  2. Thanks so much. I am always thankful for your encouragement and positive feedback!


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