Thursday, September 20, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

Eating breakfast gets my day off to a wonderful start!

Years ago, I was a breakfast-skipper... a cigarette and a couple of cups of coffee while I was getting ready for work was all I wanted.

Then, if there was a sugary snack  at the office, I might indulge in that mid-morning, and if not, I would wait to eat at noon... likely a nearby restaurant and the choices I made were not particularly healthy.  

But I discovered, eventually, that eating breakfast, even if it was at my desk after I arrived at my office, was  a much better way to start my day.  Food gave me brain power and sustained me through stressful hours of meeting deadlines and dealing with difficult people and situations.

Fast forward to the present time....   The Captain and I don't always eat the same breakfast, but we both do eat something, every morning. I am carb-sensitive so I make sure to pack lots of protein into my meals, whereas he is often happy with a bowl of cereal with milk and fruit... that would leave me shaking like a leaf within an hour and hangry for something more substantial.

Here are some of my higher protein choices:

Hot Ground Flax 'Cereal'
(I normally have this with yogurt and fresh fruit but those pics don't allow you to see the cereal!)
There are lots of other ideas for delicious and healthy breakfasts at We can begin to feed...  I hope you will check them out!
What is your favorite breakfast these days?
Do you tend to eat the same thing every day, or do you like to switch it up?


  1. I drink the same protein shake every morning. The thought of eating solid food in the morning has always made me nauseous for some reason. A protein shake gets good nutrients and substance in me without the nausea. I could never go without breakfast. I don't know how people do it. Great healthy breakfast ideas:)

  2. Mmmm those look really good! I also used to be a coffee and cigarette breakfast eater, and while I dropped the smokes, I'm still not great at eating before noon. Might have to give one of these a try!

    1. Oh yes, I gave up the terrible weed myself many many years ago. I would say probably 23? I cannot abide even smelling it on someone or their clothing now.

  3. I have always always eaten breakfast. The only few days I've ever missed it was whilst fasting - that was hard. Currently I have porridge with tinned fruit, multigrain/nut toast or maybe eggs (fried/scrambled/omelette).

  4. I agree with you on the breakfast. I think it's a great idea and keeps you going throughout the day. I usually have steel cut oats with fruit, nuts, chia and flax. Actually, I have that every day, or at least 6 days a week!

  5. umm all of these look good, and I am with you on breakfast!!

  6. I used to be bad at breakfast. Too much sugary stuff. Now, I can't bear to skip my awesome oatmeal or eggs or whatever yumminess breakfast brings.


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