Sunday, September 30, 2012

Staying Accountable

The first week of my own Fall Fresh Start Challenge went very well.

I posted a challenge to myself to help get back into the groove of regular running and strength workouts.  My goal was to get in 2 runs, 3 strength/core workouts, and 2 sessions of other physical activity for enjoyment.

I actually ended up doing a bit more and the week went like this:

  • 15 minutes kettlebell
  • 60 minute walk
  • 30 minutes on driving range
  • 90 minutes golf/9 holes walking/carrying clubs
  • 5 km run/15 minute stretch
  • 30 minute walk
  • 15 minutes kettlebell
  • 90 minutes golf/9 holes walking/carrying clubs
  • 15 minutes swimming laps
  • 6 km run/15 minute stretch
  • 15 minutes kettlebell
  • 20 minute walk
The kettlebell workout I have been doing is a beginner's workout on the DVD that came with my 10-pound Reebok kettlebell.  The moves are very basic but intense and I love it ... there is a short plank workout during the warmup.

Going into the second week, beginning today, my plan is to set the same goals: 2 runs, 3 strength/core workouts, and 2 sessions of other physical activity for enjoyment.  I will change up the strength component this week and will likely choose those workouts just before I am ready to do them... but they will definitely contain a core element.
Do you have any set goals for the week?
Do you find setting workout goals helps keep you on track?


  1. Great job Elle! I need to start planning my week and making my half marathon plan. I definitely think setting goals keeps me on track. Very helpful:)

  2. Very impressive job this week Elle! Hope this next week is just as successful for you.

  3. great job, it looks like you did awesome and I totally understand accountability, I just posted the same thing!

  4. Great job! I love writing down my plan, it keeps me accountable too.


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