Sunday, September 16, 2012

Terry Fox Run 2012... Done!

It was an absolutely beautiful morning for the local Terry Fox Run!  I am so glad that The Captain agreed to run with me today.

We got up early this morning to watch some of the LPGA Richoh British Open Golf Tournament on TV,  and then ate breakfast about 8:30 a.m.  I had 2 slices of Silver Hills Chia Chia gluten-free bread and 2 eggs, 2 cups of coffee and several glasses of water!

I wore some capri length tights and a long sleeve running tee because the 5km route was along the waterfront and it can be pretty windy at times.  I put some Chocolate #9 gels in my fanny pack along with my camera and some keys. 

We walked the few city blocks to Mile 0 and a statue of Terry Fox, where the event was staged and were quite impressed at the organization.  The last time we did this run it was in a smaller city and there was not much there other than a registration table and a start/finish line.

There was lots going on... We registered and got our ribbons, and then before the run started, the emcee introduced some local dignitaries and one of Terry Fox's cousins.  They accepted a large donation cheque from a group of firefighters who represented 4 different local fire departments that had banded together to fund raise.  And then the emcee introduced several people who had volunteered to have their heads shaved for donations... and then someone led a short warmup and the main event began. (I assume the headshaving happened while we were running.)

The route was an out and back along the Strait of Juan de Fuca, which separates Canada from Washington State.  This is such a breathtaking vista - about 20 miles across the water you can see the Olympic Mountains and it always gives me goose-bumps.  It was was a beautiful morning and there was not a whisper of a breeze so I was certainly over-dressed with my long sleeved tee and my capris, but I couldn't do anything but push my sleeves up and carry on.

It was an easy route... short rolling hills and there were 1-km markers, with the turnaround being at the 2.5 km point.  There were several people there handing out cups of water, which was a nice surprise and I glanced at my watch just before I took 2 of them.  It was 15 minutes to that point which is a great time for me.  I had visions of a 31 or 32 minute race at that point.

A couple of minutes later I realized I needed a bathroom and that I was not going to be able to run the 2.5 km to the finish line without stopping... luckily there was a public restroom at the next corner which bordered on a park, and I ran into the building... one stall and I waited and waited and waited, till finally I was able to get in and out... took 2 whole minutes!

And we were off again.  The uphills were a bit tougher on the return trip and the temperature had risen several degrees so I was really happy to see the finish line banner and the water station there. 

Our finish time was almost exactly 36 minutes.  That is my normal 5km time lately, so the pitstop certainly hurt, but.. hey, next time I run that route if I can do it in 34 minutes, I will feel vindicated!

After we finished we found some shade under a huge chestnut tree and stretched, then went in search of snacks.  We each ate a small banana, and shared an orange, and The Captain also ate 2 great-looking macadamia nut cookies... then we headed up the street to home and more water and stretching before lunch.

Here are some pictures from the day...

This year's tee design.
The main stage.

And registration area.

The banner at the start line... I forget sometimes that Terry Fox was barely 23.

And did I mention this was a doggie-friendly event?  Love that so much.

Acting Victoria Mayor (on the right) with a lady who had volunteered to have her head shaved to raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation.

The Captain scores some snacks!

And me too... and yes that IS a Tommie Copper calf sleeve on my left leg.  I looked around for more pink SweatPink laces but didn't see any.


  1. What a great run you had and also a great cause. I too forget that Terry Fox was only 23 and that he did so much in his short lifetime

  2. Great job, Elle! I love that you two can run together. Two minutes faster is significant-- at least YOU know you have a new pr. :)
    I love my tommie copper sleeves, too...I've been wearing them nonstop since my shin was acting up this summer.

  3. 36 minutes is a great time, Elle!! Congrats to both you and the Captain! It looks like it was an amazing event!

  4. Terry Fox was so great. I'm glad they still have runs in his honor. Congrats on your run!

  5. Oh! SO nice to hear about this. I didn't hear anything about a Terry Fox run around here :(
    I did run myself - thinking of him and watched the dramatization of his run on TV yesterday! Such an inspiration for sure! Next year I will look it up early and participate! Great job on the run!!

  6. Awesome job and I love that the event is doggy-friendly!

  7. Great job! Bummer about the 2 minute pit stop:( Love the race tee design, so cool! Sounds like a great event:)

  8. You did fabulous. I love that The Captain went with you. So fabulous that you two share running.

  9. What a wonderful event. Cute dogs. I love smaller races that allow dogs.

  10. Glad you two had a wonderful run! You look like Allan now racing with one calf sleeve!


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