Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coaching and Motivating Me - a Letter to Myself

Dearest Elle,

Just wanted to check in with you this morning, mid-week and see how things are going for you since you started your Fall Fresh Start Challenge on Saturday.

I see that after you posted your goals on Saturday, you got in a 5 km run.  Good girl!  And you had a little meeting with your online buddies and got them started on a Fall Fresh Start Challenge too.  Isn't it always so much better to have some company!

Having friends along who have the same basic goals, to support and cheer for each other, and to give each other gentle kicks in butt when needed, is a much more fun way to work towards your goals.  You are lucky to have such a loyal and diverse group of women there.

After Friday's kettlebell workout, your inner thighs were stiff and sore.. and that lasted a few days.  See what happens when you get out of the habit of regular workouts?  Remember how that felt so that you don't let it happen again.

Sunday's kettlebell workout stretched out those muscles again and the hour long walk on Sunday evening helped as well.  By the time you hit the driving range and golf course on Monday, your legs were feeling pretty darn good again.  And so was the back... those planks really do help your golf swing.

I am proud of you! You are making time to fit your workouts in to your busy day.  Yesterday you had a really hectic morning but made the time to get in a late morning 5km run... and you also took the time to make a filling and nutritious protein smoothie to drink after you stretched. 

Blackberry smoothie.. look at the color of it... awesome taste.
And I noticed today you got up extra early to get your laundry done so that you could do a kettlebell workout because you want to spend the afternoon golfing with The Captain.  It would have been so easy to blow off that kettelbell workout, but you didn't.  Good on ya!
I know you are feeling good about getting back to doing more strength and core work and you should feel proud of yourself for sticking to your food plan, too.  When you finally have that glass of wine on Saturday with dinner, I know you will have earned it.
Keep up the great work, and keep smiling and enjoying yourself!
From Your Biggest Cheerleader and Fan,


  1. What an awesome post and you are right, you are doing great!

  2. Love this! I had a glass of wine tonight after my hike today and I definitely earned it:) Enjoy yours on Saturday!

  3. what a wonderful idea! good for you elle!

  4. What a great idea. We totally forget to encourage ourselves and yet I always find myself playing cheerleader to my friends. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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