Monday, May 27, 2013

Boot Camp is Done… Now What?

I have always enjoyed working out but it has been many years since I really have done it with any regularity.

I would get on a little jag for a few weeks at a time but then get sidelined… because I have always loved cardio more than lifting weights or doing body weight exercises.  Running and aerobics come much easier to me.  And I think I was talked into believing that cardio work was better for me, somehow.  And let’s be honest… when I am running regularly I just don’t feel like doing strength training on top of it.   Running makes me tired. There, I said it. As much as I love it, it makes me tired.  Strength work gets pushed to the back burner most of the time, and forgotten, or neglected.

But over the last couple of years I have had little tastes of how good strength training feels… and I have read a lot and learned how good it is for me, so I have been doing more but on kind of a willy-nilly basis… no regularity, no particular routines.  And of course, no visible results. 

I knew that had to change.  I wanted it to change.  And it has changed.  During the past 8 weeks I have been doing strength/resistance workouts 3 times every week.

I took part in round 5 of Tina Reale’s Best Body Boot Camp and really immersed myself in the workouts. 

And I learned a lot of things… about working out and about myself.
  • I really enjoy variety.  I don’t like to do the same workout over and over again. I get bored and I find it difficult to maintain focus and keep at it
  • I like to workout first thing in the morning, before breakfast
  • Working out makes me hungry
  • I have worked out in the evening, but I find it stimulates me too much and I don’t sleep well
  • Working hard and finishing a session exhausted and shaky gives me a sense of accomplishment and confidence
  • Watching myself in the mirror helps me focus on the muscles each exercise is working
  • When my muscles are sore and tired after a workout I am convinced I can feel them growing and getting stronger
  • I like to know ahead of time what I will be doing in a given workout so planning is important for me
  • I like to work out at home by myself
  • I love seeing results;  I love feeling results
The next round of Best Body Boot Camp does not begin until June 17th… so I woke up today a bit anxious about what I am going to do with myself until then.  At first I thought I might enjoy a break in the routine… run when it’s not raining, walk lots, do some DVDs… whatever and whenever I feel like… but then I realized that is not the way to go.

I don’t want to get out of the routine of working out 3 times a week.  I don’t want to backslide on the great results I am seeing in my upper body especially.  So I am spending some time today, planning the week’s workouts.   I will fit in my cardio where I can, and if the weather cooperates I would love to get out sailing for a day or two…  but I am going to plan 3 strength workouts.

  • a workout I designed for myself some time ago that takes 20 – 25 minutes
my workout
  • a 10- minute core workout from fitknitchick’s #FatblasterFriday video library

  • run or walk, if raining
  • 30 minute yoga flow

  • 25 minute Reebok kettlebell workout DVD, levels beginner and intermediate
  • 30 minute walk before work
  • afternoon run , walk, or swim
  • run, walk, or swim
  • 30 minute Pilates for Dummies session on either day
And there you have it…. these workouts are somewhat less intense than I have been doing but there is enough variety to keep me engaged, and I will be working my whole body and doing some cardio so I should not be compromising my current fitness level.

I will keep ya posted as to how it all pans out.

What is your favorite non-cardio workout?  Any at-home workouts to recommend?


  1. I think half the battle is having a plan ad you have that so WIN! I love strength work but it's gone to the back burner, like you said, when I'm training for a race.
    I am loving HIIT right now. Short intervals on the mill with strength or plyo moves in between.

  2. you nailed what I NEED TOO with the enough variety to keep you engaged
    shall we meet at the monkey bars later? :-)

  3. I spent a week doing a lot of at home yoga when I was trying to back off a bit. i did a lot from Bex Life, I like her and the ToneItUp girls are funny so their videos have lots of at home weight lifting (nothing as hard as BBB though).

  4. My love is for weight training first and foremost :)

  5. Awesome! So hard sometimes, to stay motivated once one goal or plan is finished! Way to keep it going...

  6. Variety is key... Yeah, I say that except... I am a HUGE creature of habit and do the same work outs every day!! I am a CRAZY! Ihonestly work out though because it makes me feel good and it energizes me!!

  7. I have some workout DVD's for emergencies but I am mostly an in the gym weight training kinda gal! Why don't you try doing a search for bootcamp style workouts on YouTube? That could be a lot of fun!

  8. LOve that you put this together & you know, I love Tamara!

    Me - weights but you already knew that! :)

  9. I love having a schedule / plan. Without it sometimes I am a loose cannon, meaning I kind of flit around and feel out of sorts and don't really accomplish as much as I could. Good luck with your new bootcamp!


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