Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Victoria Day

I have had lots of little things going on over the past several days, so playing catch up today….

I completed my Immunity Boosting Food Detox and am on a quest to continue to eat as clean as I can.  I know that not everyone is in favor of such a strict regimen when it comes to food, but I am a sincere believer in doing what works for me…. and for encouraging you to find and do what works best for you, too.

On Saturday morning I completed my 3rd strength workout of the week and it included a series of burpees…. I almost cried when I finished the 100th one. I was so overcome with excitement and emotion at having actually done 100 burpees!

I used to absolutely dread doing them… burpees and mountain climbers were the 2 different exercises that I hated the most. But now that I am gaining strength and endurance through the Best Body Boot Camp workouts, I not only CAN do them, I actually kinda LIKE doing them. 

You can tell I am liking the shape my arms and shoulders are starting to take… but mostly I am loving how strong I feel.

May 19 Selfies 001

And because there is no stopping me now… I just signed up for the next round of Best Body Boot Camp which starts on June 17th.  This just proves to me that it is never too late and that change, through hard work, really IS possible. 

I am one of those long stringy ectomorphs that really needs to work hard and long at building muscle.

Cardio comes so easy to me whereas resistance/strength training has always been so much more of a challenge.  Results are not quick so the changes I am seeing are not dramatic but I can see them; I can tell the difference.  I know that the hard work is paying off, and dare I actually say it… I am loving the strength training even more than the cardio now.  I am gonna work hard till I get back the arms and shoulders I rocked in my 30s and keep it up!


Today is a national holiday in Canada..  It is Victoria Day and we are honoring one of the Commonwealth’s most famous and beloved queens.  Queen Victoria’s birthday is May 24th (as is mine) and we celebrate it every year on the Monday on or before the 24th… and the city I live in is named for her so lots of big excitement here.


Her reign of 63 years and seven months, which is longer than that of any other British monarch and the longest of any female monarch in history, is known as the Victorian era.

I started the day by doing my strength workout and then after breakfast we opted not to walk downtown to the parade, so  I baked some cookies for The Captain…

May 20 Wedge Cookie 004

and then after lunch we went for a nice long walk through the park and around the neighborhood. We live in the oldest neighborhood in the city and never tire of wandering up and down the streets looking at the huge old houses and beautiful trees and flowers.

May 20th walk 002
This is on a huge bushy tree… no fragrance... any idea what is called?

May 20th walk 005
The chestnuts are so pretty when in full bloom, especially the red ones.

May 20th walk 007
I need to learn more about cricket.. it looks like fun.

May 20th walk 009
Love watching the action on this log.

May 20th walk 011
♪ ♪  We love turtles  ♫

Hope your week is getting off to a happy start, too… what are you up to today?


  1. You look great! And yes, lots of action on that log haha!

  2. Sounds like a lovely Victoria Day! And I'm liking the guns (arms) your building! Too bad I can't do a burpee to save my life!

  3. You look great!!! :) LOVE the chestnut picture!
    Today I worked, spent a lot of time outside in the sun reading, napping, and playing some basketball with my husband, and watched some baseball :)

  4. You look great!!! Keep up the good work. I'm thinking about signing up for the next round of BBB too. I still hate burpees, but mountain climbers are awesome.

    Gorgeous day. I'm so glad the dietary changes are working for you.

  5. YES to finding what works for you!!!

    I am the exact opposite of you in body type & this: Cardio comes so easy to me whereas resistance/strength training has always been so much more of a challenge. Weights come easy & cardio not BUT I do a lot of cardio & challenge myself. I love the weights & they love me! ;)

    Ummmmmmmmmm, I want those cookies!!!!

  6. Your arms are looking FIRECE!!! Pythons for sure! :) Nicely done. And it's so very true: EAT CLEAN & WORK HARD!!! That's my motto :D

  7. Great job on the burpees! I have total T-rex arms -- they are puny!


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