Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Fotos

The city is really at her finest in the Spring.

Apr 22 Walk around harbor 041\

All of the flowering trees are at their peak… the plums, cherries and apples are absolutely gorgeous.

March 15 turtles in the lake 001

There are turtles on the log in the lake across the street from our place.

The Children’s Farm in the park has new baby piglets and goat kids. The herons are nesting and laying eggs… the ducks and geese are sparring and mating, and I know that we will be seeing peahens with their peachicks soon too.  Little update... The Captain just spotted a mama duck with a train of wee yellow fuzzy ducklings swimming behind her.... hurray!

Apr 22 Walk around harbor 030

Apr 22 Walk around harbor 043

The tour guides are doing a booming business on beautiful sunny days.  And the harbour is very busy with the new Hippo land/sea buses, whale watchers, water taxis, float planes, harbour ferries, international car and passenger ferries… along with all the regular traffic… pleasure craft of all sizes, police and other government boats, tugs and barges, tall ships, kayaks… and cruise ship season has begun.

Apr 22 Walk around harbor 001

Apr 22 Walk around harbor 003

Apr 22 Walk around harbor 009

Apr 22 Walk around harbor 013

Apr 22 Walk around harbor 021

Apr 22 Walk around harbor 015

People are smiling more and seem friendlier.

What do you love about Spring where you live?


  1. These photos are gorgeous!!!! Such beautiful scenery, glad you capture it so well!!

  2. Beautiful photos!! I love when everything greens up finally and the trees leaf out.

  3. Gorgeous! SPring is in full swing where you are...not so much here yet. So nice to not be freezing anymore though.

  4. absolutely beautiful photos! wow. spring really is such a lovely time. i cant help but smile amidst the warmth and beauty:) we still have not really gotten spring yet here but every once in a while we get a sunshine day and I just love seeing all the people out...enjoying time together, smiling in the sunshine. its rejuvenating and refreshing.

  5. It is so beautiful there - I wish I could visit! Love these photos, thank you for sharing. I love the pond by our house because all the chicks hatch and come to our porch because have bird feeders - it is my favorite part of spring and living near the pond. I hope all is well with you and The Captain. Hugs!

  6. Wow, that is gorgeous! I love that we can go outside more in the spring. Although it has been cold and wet here for the past week, but I see the sun peeking out today, and I'm very excited about that!


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