Sunday, August 11, 2013

Decisions, Decisons… I Would Love your Fit-Opinion

So, now that round 6 of Best Body Boot Camp has wrapped up I am, once again, on my own to get my workouts planned… and done!

I am really at a cross roads right now where my fitness is concerned.

I want to keep strength training because I want to keep making progress … building my arms and shoulders, tightening up my butt and belly and midriff.

I want to run more.

I want to get in some yoga on a regular basis.

I want so spend some time hiking, swimming, sailing. walking... you know, the just-for-fun stuff.

I have thought about joining a gym… and I have thought about hiring a personal trainer.  I am considering joining the next round of Best Body Boot Camp.  I have looked at a few other online fitness sites, too.

?   ?   ? 

Right now I am somewhat overwhelmed and confused as to how I am going to sort it all out… and I don't want to spend a lot of money, either.  But in the meantime, I found some workouts that appeal to me on Pinterest and have laid out a simple schedule for the next 2 weeks.  That should give me some time to do some more research.

  • Take it Anywhere – 2 rounds
  • 5 minute full body stretch

On-the-Go Workout! #cardio #strength #abs #workout #health #healthyliving #fitness
  • 5 km run
  • 5 minute lower body stretch

  • #15 Full Body Circuit as illustrated
  • 5 minute full body stretch
#15 Full Body Circuit by itzlinz

  • 30 minute walk before work
  • 5 km run
  • 5 minute lower body stretch
  • Drop It Like It’s Hot -  15 reps each exercise X 3 rounds
  • 5 minute full body stsretch

Drop Sets

Sunday Week #1:
  • active rest
Sunday Week #2:
  • Tara Stiles Yoga Workout – found this one on utube

Looks like a PLAN to me!

But, if you are reading... I would love to ask your opinion and solicit your advice.

How do you plan your cross training workouts?

Do you subscribe to an online fitness site that you would recommend?

Do you have any experience with a personal trainer?  


  1. Looks like a great plan. I tend to use old Bodyrock workouts or the newer ZWOWs, I subscribed to Zuzana's site, but may not renew, she is very legs heavy and I wish she would do more upper body and core. I tend to make up a lot of my own workouts to make up for it.

  2. Well, I would love it if you'd join my 40+ Female training group! ;)

    Emphasis will be on building muscle and reducing the abdominal accumulation mid-life hormonal imbalances bring...

  3. I make my own workouts nowadays but have used personal trainers in the past. I love the one-on-one with a personal trainer and the motivation they bring to the table if you can find the right one:) Only downside is cost:(


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