Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Smiling Because....

A few random nods of approval from me today… some items I have been given, some I have purchased and other things I am just loving….  all of them are making me smile LARGE.

And in no particular order…

Aug 5 Things I Like 001
Frog Fuel protein shots

Aug 5 Things I Like 002
Mama Chia squeeze snacks

Aug 5 Things I Like 003
Costco now sells their own brand of egg whites in cartons.  They are so much less expensive than the brand name I am used to buying.  Did you notice that in Canada all of our packaging is in English and French?

Aug 5 Things I Like 004
I planted 6 cherry tomato plants – some yellow and some red – and the fruits are beginning to ripen.

Aug 5 Things I Like 005
Ruby Red grapefruit is in our stores!  And I have come to appreciate Red Delicious apples, too. This must be a new variety that is not overly pulpy in texture… and they are quite sweet, too.

Aug 5 Things I Like 006
I have got to find a place I can purchase these freeze-dried strawberries.  I received a couple of bags in a gift box, and am hoarding this last one.

Aug 5 Things I Like 007
This is the BEST soap for my dark lingerie and workout gear. I used it to hand wash delicates, too.

Aug 5 Things I Like 008
These figs are also from Costco and should be called Calimyrna CRACK.

July 30 Wahine Sport Shrug 006
My Wahine Sport SHRUG… don’t miss my giveaway… and of course I love walking in the fabulous park across the street from where we live.

The little donkey born at the Children’s Farm in our lovely park on July 29th… they named him Prince George, of course!

July 31 coconut flour pancakes blueberries 001
Grain Free Gluten Free Low Carb Coconut Flour and Egg White Pancakes… with fruit cooked in and sprinkled on top… need I say more?

What is making you smile lately?  Would love it if you shared.


  1. Such fun things to be smiling about. Thanks for sharing it. I'm smiling too because our tomato plant is beginning to ripen too!

  2. Oh your little donkey friend made me smile - so cute! I'm smiling right now because my parents have been visiting all week. Lots of fun times for all!

  3. the long long long days of summer.

  4. Mmm, those pancakes. We made pancakes this morning too and it definitely hit the spot!

  5. I'm not very smiley these days... I think I need to work on that.

    Love the shrug and the baby donkey.

  6. I'm smiling over those things too...except wishing I had them too! Ha!

    Love the donkey...so cute!
    Those freeze-dried strawberries look amazing!! I like strawberries, no matter how prepared, they are ALL delicious!
    Wish we had a Costco nearby, those egg whites would be great for those lazy days!

  7. I wish my tomato plants were doing as well as yours. I think I need to water them more.

    Smiling about having a clean house and my friend said I could have her treadmill!! So excited since I cancelled my gym membership.

  8. Lately my morning runs in the cool air make me smile. It's nice having a taste of the running bug back in my life. :)

  9. Is it strange that it is easier to think of things that make me frown?

    Running in the rain made me smile yesterday.

    Seeing the squash on my squash plants the other day made me smile.

    Watching my dogs play brings a smile to my face, given how close we came to losing Layla this winter.

    Reading your blogs makes me smile; and having my DH pick me up from work with a cup of earl gray tea ready for me!

    Guess I do have lots of things to smile about after all :)

  10. Great things! Here is the US of A it seems that all of our things are starting to also include Spanish on them.

    I love Chia things, I will have to try that Mama Chia stuff

    Things making me smile today
    I got the lawn mowed and it looks so much better, my kids, a good run, and some yummy blueberries right now.

  11. The shot of you at the park is beautiful Elle! I won some Frog Fuel in a giveaway so I'm anxious for it arrive so I can give it a try.

  12. That baby donkey!!! How cute! I wonder if they make miniatures like they do horses? ;)

  13. I can see why you're smiling! I'm curious about the Mama Chia squeeze pack. Did you buy them and where?

    I'm smiling about my tomato plant! Seriously the best tasting tomatoes ever. I don't have a green thumb but this crazy plant is taller than me :)


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