Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Loving My Early Runs

Is there anything better than coming in from a run, all sweaty and hot and stripping off your shirt? 

Ah… just feels so good… and I love the glow that my skin has after a good hard run.  No, I don't mean the sweat, I mean the natural pink shine that remains after the sweat is wiped away!

For the past few weeks, I have been getting out for my runs before breakfast.  And I am really enjoying them more.

Before we bought the sailboat, The Captain and often ran together on a weekend morning.  We would have coffee, share a banana and a Power Bar, and then head off for a 5 mile run to, and around ,a large river front park near our house.  Sometimes I would do a 10 miler on Saturday mornings after my Weight Watchers meeting… again, before breakfast.

After we bought the boat, I learned to spend my early mornings outside in the cockpit, sipping coffee and enjoying a book,  or the view… then we would have a leisurely breakfast and if I ran, it was usually late morning.  Then I could clean up before lunch and the afternoon’s activities.

This became my habit even if we were on the boat in the marina, or when we spent the Winter on shore in a waterfront cottage or house-sitting for travelling friends.  Mid to late morning runs meant a big breakfast and a wait…  the focus of the morning became the run itself.  It was always noon before I was ready and cleaned up to carry on with the day.

But since I started my first-thing-in-the-morning strength workouts and enjoy getting it done, I have been doing the same thing with my runs. 

I still have my coffee and a protein powder-fruit-almond milk shake of some kind… then put on the running gear and head out.  Mornings along the nearby Strait are so beautiful.  And every day is different depending on the wind, sunshine, and tides.  There are always happy dogs running in the off leash area, and friendly people along the way.  It is a fun and positive start to the day.

I love to come in and drink some water and stretch and then have a big hearty breakfast before showering and getting on with my day.    Today’s brekkie was scrambled egg/egg whites, with kabocha squash and crumbled bacon.

Aug 27 breakfast scramble 001

It is still early enough, even after showering to do something else with my morning hours.  It seems I have more hours in my day when I run first thing, instead of leaving it till mid morning.

The transisition to running at this time of the day had a few challenges though… finding the right food to eat before running, and the right amount took some experimenting.  I learned I cannot run on a completely empty stomach.  And so as not to reveal too much information, I will only say that my morning bathroom routine took a while to come around as well.  You other runners will know what I am talking about.  :)

For now, it works, and I am loving it.

What time of day do you like to run?  Do you have a set routine?

What do you eat before your run?


  1. Evening is still my fav but after I move I definitely want to try early morning runs :) I think it'd be great to be so productive while everyone is sleeping. I bet it's gorgeous where you run!!

  2. I am the same way. Have to eat something but very careful what that 'something' is;) I love to run in the morning before I do anything else:)

  3. I'm an early morning runner pretty much 99% of the time. I really love starting my day this way. And yes, nothing better than stripping off the sweaty clothes, getting a shower, and going forward with the day!

  4. I love early morning runs...the sunrise over the water, the quietness of the street...whatever it is, it is just so much more peaceful in the early morning! However, I have to get up at 5:30 to get to work anyway, so on working days, there is no way I am getting up even earlier! Even on the weekends, I eat before I run and then I get out there around 7 (which leads to no sleeping in for this girl, even on weekends)!

  5. I'm an early morning workout-er. I totally agree that I feel like I can get more accomplished in the day when my workout is early. Although the leisurely morning on the boat with coffee and a book sounds rather heavenly as well.

  6. I LOVE morning runs because it starts my day feeling great, and then I know after school, I can take a nap!! I don't tend to eat before I run. The only thing I have is coffee. I'm not saying it is a good thing but it works for my body. The night before, I make sure I have a good supper. Weekends, well...I'm beginning to enjoy an extra hour of sleep then hitting the road!


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