Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

I got a lovely package delivered very recently… Premier Protein is a favorite of ours.

Aug 9 Premier Protein 001

I won this package in a giveaway and when I gave the blogger my address she told me that Premier Protein will not ship to Canada… which I know is not true because I had received shipments from them in the past. But she was adamant.  So I contacted Premier Protein on my own and they very promptly sent me out the goodies, and apologized on behalf of the blogger… no I didn’t bother telling her.  I was just so happy to get my winnings!

And I got another box of goodies in the mail, too.

Aug 13 ips chips 001

These are delicious!  And although I was surprised to find that they have corn flour, they are gluten-free and have lots of protein.  Very crispy and tasty.

I have been looking into workout options...  thought about doing another round of Best Body Boot Camp but decided, as much as I loved it, I wanted to try something else.  I checked out several online training sites, and while searching, this blog post appeared in my inbox...from Kammie at Sensual Appeal, and it is about some fitness programs she has used and her thoughts about them. I was intrigued, and had a look at their web sites.

And when I contacted Kammie for a bit more information about one in particular, she kindly invited me to be part of a small, private group who is going to follow that program and encourage each other on a daily basis.  It is not a challenge; it is a group of #FitBuddies and it sounded like fun.

I checked  out the details and I think it will be right up my alley.

Strength train 3 X per week and cardio 3 X per week.  There are 2 different strength workouts assigned... one is a PUSH workout and the other is a PULL workout... and I am not sure yet what is in store for #3.  If it is a repetition of either of these 2 I just may do one of the workouts I found and shared last week - I loved all 3.

I did the first strength workout yesterday- the PUSH workout.  It was upper body and core work and I was quite spent when it was done.  Felt good and I really enjoyed my stretch afterward.

Today The Captain and I ran 7.5 km along the Strait, and then came in for a good long stretch and lots of water!  By then we were both pretty hungry… I cooked up some eggs and ham while The Captain carved into a fresh pineapple that we bought a couple of days ago… it is perfectly ripe and I had forgotten how good they taste. I think we will get another one on Thursday.

Aug 20 breakfast 001

I am excited to have put in this mileage today… doesn’t sound like much but we have normally only been running 5 km every time we go out so this was a significant increase. I know that  I want to start running a bit longer again not that Fall is almost in the air.

I also want to do some more sprint work.  And yes, I still want to do some yoga.

Do your workouts change with the seasons?

Do you like fresh pineapple, too?  Any tips for selecting a great one at the store?


  1. YUM! I love fresh pineapple, but I have no idea how to choose one at the store.

    I've been changing the focus of my workouts so much - I feel rejuvenated!

  2. My workouts change depending on marathon training or not. RIght now I'm not so much more strength training and yoga.
    Pineapples should smell fresh but not fermented. No smell = not ripe. Use as soon as possible after you get it.

  3. Thanks very much for the pineapple advice!

  4. I do the same style of workout year round but mix up what I do every workout! :)I saw & tasted the IPS chips at IDEA & really liked them!!! :)

    I love pineapple!!!

    1. I love it too and am finding lots of ways to enjoy it!

  5. I love fresh pineapple!! I have heard that smelling the bottom of it tells whether it is a good one or not. Should smell sweet, not musty:) Way to go on your run! I love those premier protein bars, so yummy!

  6. Sounds like you had a great run! I do love pineapple :-)

  7. The foods and prizes look yummy...bummer it was a win with a more difficult process but at least they honored it!

    I wanna try those chips! Yummy!!

  8. Sounds like a great workout plan and group. NICE run!!! And that pineapple looks amazing. I love a super sweet and yummy pineapple. That needs to be on my next shopping list.


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