Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Smiles

A few special things making me smile today… thinking back over the week….

This lovely package of goodies arrived unexpectedly at my door – what a great surprise!  Thanks to my friends at CLIF for thinking of me.

Aug 21 CLIF 001

On Wednesday afternoon we met up with some friends that we hadn’t seen for a couple of years.  We did lots of cruising/buddy boating with them before they sold their sailboat and moved to one of the smaller Gulf Islands.   We walked to meet them at our neighborhood Starbucks, so I wore my Therafit shoes and matching Pro Compression socks to be comfy, some white Dockers, an Eddie Bauer tee… and yes,  those ARE the straps of a Handful bra you can see peeking out of my tee.  It’s pink. It matches.   And I am finally starting to like my new haircut…

Aug 21 2

The local fresh blueberries are so wonderful this year.  They are really sweet and I am enjoying them cooked too… I like to put some in the batter of my coconut flour pancakes.  Mmmmm.

Aug 24 coconut and blueberry pancakes 001

I am still experimenting with different flavor combinations of these little Frozen Protein ‘Bites’.  I wrote about them on my food blog earlier this week so check that out if you want the recipe.

Aug 20 frozen protein bites 2 002\

I tried a new magnesium supplement for the first time yesterday.  A friend of mine who is a nurse recommended it.... it is called Natural Calm. It is a powder that you mix with water to make a somewhat fizzy drink.  I had it before going to sleep last night and I didn’t have any leg cramps at all, even though we did a 5 km run yesterday.  Hopefully it will be the magic elixir for me.  I chose the Raspberry-Lemon flavor.   It certainly tastes good!

Aug 24 Natural Calm 001

And, I have had a great week of workouts so far… will tell you about that in a post tomorrow!

What is making you smile today?

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  1. Oh interesting drink powder. What are the other ingredients in it? Or is it just magnesium and flavoring? I have magnesium supplements that I take sometimes before bed to make sure I sleep well but not too often.

    today - the weather makes me smile. It's so perfect outside <3


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