Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Weekly Wrap-Up

I am so happy with the way my workouts have gone this week… heck, I am just happy in general.

Aug 12 2013

It seems a lot of the little nagging undone things on my ’to do’ list have been finalized and crossed off. I had no idea how much they had been weighing me down and causing me stress until they were taken care of and gone. 

I am no longer wandering around the kitchen opening doors looking for something to munch on, and no longer feeling ‘hungry’ and unsettled all the time.   I didnt’ know what was wrong with me until it WASN’T anymore. 

Does that happen to you?  Do you ever mistake inner turmoil for hunger?

Anyway… my workouts for the week…  I was invited to be part of a little group of people who are following one of Tom Venuto’s workouts for a few weeks… by Kammie,  a fellow FitFluential Ambassador, who writes Sensual Appeal.  It is a program of strength training 3 X per week and cardio 3 X per week.  Kammie laid out the details and it looked good to me so I jumped on board and have just completed week #1.

This is how it went:

  • The prescribed strength workout of super sets called PUSH - worked the upper body and the core.  I completed it in 18 minutes.
  • full body stretch 5 minutes
  • 7.5 km run before breakfast
  • lower body stretch 5 minutes
This is my longest run for some time and I was thrilled to surpass my usual 5 km.  I love morning runs along the sea.

  • the prescribed strength workout of super sets called PULL – worked the lower body, and biceps.  I completed it in 28 minutes.
  • full body stretch 5 minutes
  • 20 minute walk
This workout left me absolutely shaking like jelly.  I loved it and on Thursday morning had SERIOUS DOMS in my biceps and my butt!  I am going to get some heavier dumbbells as I intend to make progress with this workout!

  • 30 minute early morning walk before breakfast
  • 70 minute afternoon walk
  • 5 km run before breakfast
  • lower body stretch 5 minutes
  • Take It Anywhere full body Tabata workout for 24 minutes
  • full body stretch 5 minutes
  • 20 minute walk
This Tabata has cardio, resistance, and core and leaves me dripping. I usually do 2 rounds which takes me 24 minutes.  I forgot that I need to eat a little something before hand and didn't!  I was ravenous for breakfast by the time it was done... note to self... make some more Frozen Protein 'Bites'.

And today, Sunday, I am planning an hour long walk shortly! 

We are watching the tail end of the LPGA Canadian golf tournament on tv and when it is done we are heading out to walk downtown to have a look at tennis gear and dumbbells at Sport Chek. I have some gift cards that are burning a hole in my pocket!

We have both decided that it would be fun to play tennis together on a nearby public court over the winter…it never gets used so we could pretty much have it to ourselves.

And I still want to get in some yoga….  and yes, I now I need to do some sprint work too.

Did you enjoy your workouts this week? 

Do you ever do anything just for fun like tennis, or beach volleyball, or hiking, or biking… or?? 


  1. Could not agree more: I get mired down in to-do lists as well and feel SO much better when I check things off!
    Looks like a nice week!

  2. I wish I could add more soccer to my workouts for fun. It's hard to find people to play games with for fun!


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