Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tommie Copper, I am Counting on YOU!

Oh my, I do love my Tommie Copper gear.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit stiff after my Monday Tabata workout and my Tuesday run… but eager to get going on this full body routine.  I got out some dumbbells and a kettlebell, my yoga mat and poured a huge glass of cold water… warmed up a bit and got moving.

#15 Full Body Circuit by itzlinz

I did make a couple of changes… used dumbbells as I don’t have a barbell and for #4 I didn’t use any weight at all… just did the Walking Lunges…. which I used to HATE and now embrace.

I did not do the Jump Rope at the end either.  But I did complete the full 3 rounds and it took 28 minutes.  I was dripping sweat on my yoga mat during the last round of Plank Walkups... and my shoulders were screaming... love that.

Then I did a full body stretch and drank more water for the next 5 minutes before realizing I was very hungry… but I wanted to make a special breakfast this morning that would take about 25 minites to get ready so I quickly got it rolling… and it was worth the wait.

Aug 14 eggs in peppers 003

And,  because our water is going to be off for a couple of hours later this morning… I jumped into a tub of hot hot water and had a lovely soak before getting into some Tommie Copper gear for the rest of the day.

Aug 14 TC 001

I am counting on my Tommie Copper compressions tee and tights, both made from the special copper-infused fabric, to help me prevent a severe case of DOMS tomorrow. I have a quiet day planned and it’s kinda gloomy and cool outside so I will enjoy the warmth that these garments provide…. we have an evening outing planned so really going to take advantage of this down time.

What’s happening for you today?

note: This is not a sponsored post. I won both of these items in separate giveaways.


  1. apparently whats happening here are ONE LEGGED DEADLIFTS WITH KETTTLEBELLS!!!

  2. Great workout!!! I did my gym stuff & got my gray hair covered!!! :) You are looking amazing!


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