Thursday, September 12, 2013

Clean Eats –> Great Sleep = Tons of Energy

How CAN it be Thursday already?  I just looked and I haven’t published a post since  Monday … the week has just flown by and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  It started with an arms/core workout and a walk to the tennis court... an hour of running after balls there, and a walk home.

On Tuesday morning we usually go for a run, but headed to the golf course instead.  I walk and carry my clubs too, so it is a bit of a workout, albeit a very fun and enjoyable one.  I did score one Birdie, too, on a par 3 hole.

I guess golf is more of a PLAYout really.    Then we ate the picnic lunch I packed before we spent some time on the putting green in practice and a few games, too.  I came home quite tired but happy. It was such a beautiful day and with all the kids back in school, and on a weekday morning, we practically had the course to ourselves.  Gotta love that!

Wednesday morning  found us heading out for a run before breakfast. We did a fairly speedy little 5 km around the neighborhood… then ate and went for a walk to the village centre to buy some groceries.  After putting them away we changed into our swimsuits and headed out to the pool. I put in about 15 minutes of real swimming  before some play and splash time. 

I was ravenous for my lunch… and spent the afternoon doing some paperwork and getting ready to head to a 2 hour staff gathering in the evening.  There were lots of people there that I hadn't met before I came home quite energized and it was quite late before I was able to relax enough to turn in for the  night.

This morning we went for a half hour walk along the Strait before The Captain cooked me breakfast and I got ready for work.  Right now I am home, between meetings… will be heading out again for a second shift in a bout an hour that will last till about 7 p.m.

I keep expecting to CRASH… for all the activity to catch up with me…  but I seem to have boundless energy and I have been thinking about why.  What is the reason for it?

And I have come to the conclusion it is because I have been eating so clean lately… and watching my portion sizes.  No snacking here and there, just real meals.  And lots and lots of water.

When I don’t eat grains, or dairy (other than whey protein powder) or added sugars, or drink alcohol, I sleep like a LOG.  And I am sure that the clean eats and the fabulous restful and restorative sleep that I have been getting, is giving me all the pep.

And I have to say I am feeling great… guess I should keep it up for a while!

I am still working through Chalene Johnson’s PUSH book, and today am looking at SUCCESSORIZING for weight loss.  I have lots of opinions about this topic…  perhaps I will  write about it soon.

Aug 31 PUSH pics 014

Do you think your diet has an impact on the quality of your sleep?

Do you think your diets has a direct affect on your energy level?


  1. Absolutely! When I drink alcohol, eat sugar and drink too much coffee my energy levels plummet. And I sleep terribly!
    I've just started tracking my sleep and am trying to link it to lifestyle factor.

  2. Great to hear you are feeling so great! Your week sounds like a lot of fun. For some reason it feels like Friday already for me. Ha!

  3. So glad you are feeling good:) I definitely think what we eat affects our sleep and energy. Still trying to find the right mix for energy, but I am doing better:)

  4. Love that you have been enjoying! Yes, I do think food can effect sleep along with stress & other things.. like hormones! ;)


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