Sunday, September 22, 2013

CLIF/BUILDER's/LUNA bars Giveaway

I love to get surprises in the mail.  And I love them even MORE when they come with an invitation to share them with my friends.  Don’t you?

Recently I opened the door to a wonderful surprise delivery of CLIF bars, CRUNCH bars, and BUILDER’s bars…

Aug 21 CLIF 001

I have long been a fan of CLIF bars but had never tried the CRUNCH bars… which are very similar to a granola bar… or the BUILDER’s bars which are very high in protein and taste like candy!

Aug 21 CLIF 002

And then, a short time later, another package arrived, containing more BUILDER’s bars and  LUNA bars.  Awesome. Truly.

Sept 16 CLIF bar pics 001

CLIF offers a full line to help power you through your workouts and your playtime.  We make great use of CLIF Shot Bloks when doing longer runs, and we often have CLIF bars in our pockets or bags when heading out for the day… and you know we have been re-fuelling after our tennis sessions with BUILDER’s bars…. The Captain is particularly enjoying the CRUNCH and LUNA bars. The flavors are mouthwatering and quite delicious, too.  They have a nice texture, and no chemically taste at all…. cause they are made with wholesome ingredients. 


And the best part is that I have been invited to share the CANADIAN assortment with my CANADIAN friends.  This giveaway prize consists of a lovely group of:
  • 1 Builder's Chocolate Mint
  • 1 Builder's Chocolate
  • 1 Builder's Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • 1 LUNA Lemon Zest
  • 1 LUNA S'Mores
  • 1 LUNA Nutz Over Chocolate
  • 1 LUNA White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
  • 1 LUNA Peppermint
  • And, 1 each of our favorite CLIF flavors which are: White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Coconut Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Almond Fudge (but honestly we love them ALL)

This giveaway is only open to Canadian residents or those of you who would like the prize sent to one of your Canadian friends…. gotta love that option!  And you will receive your package directly from the sponsor.

Here is how to enter:

Leave a comment telling me your favorite item in the giveaway lineup.

That’s all there is to it… I will select a winner next Monday, and make an attempt to get in touch that day by email so if you want to win, make sure to leave me your email address. If I cannot find you easily, I will select an alternate winner. 

After  I contact a winner, I will come back and publish the name, here, on this post.

Good Luck!

UPDATE!  The giveaway is closed and the winner has been notified.  

It is Jenny @simply be me

Congratulations!  And thanks for all the entries and comments.

The bars and giveaway booty were provided by the sponsor, but all the drooling and lip-smacking is ours alone!


  1. The chocolate mint Builders are my favourite.

  2. I also LOVE Clif bars. My fave in your giveaway is 110% the builders chocolate mint. I always buy a box of Clif bars at Costco (Chocolate Almond Fudge, Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter) so that we also have great snacks for those days we're out and about. I love that they are good for my kids. Anyway! Great giveaway! Cheers! Macnic:

  3. What a great thing to find on your doorstep!
    The Luna S'morz bars are my favourite; they taste just like the campfire treat!
    Thanks for sharing this giveaway Elle!

  4. Builder's Chocolate Mint! Love Clif! :)

  5. My favorite in the lineup is the S'mores one cause I haven't tried it before and I love s'mores. A lot ;)

  6. I LOVE all the Builder bars and the Nutz over Chocolate Luna bar is a favourite too. What a great package to arrive in the mail for you!

  7. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. I get those kinds of cookies whenever I run across them. I haven't seen the Clif version anywhere yet though!

  8. I'm a big fan of those builder bars but I've only had the peanut buttery ones, would be awe to try the other flavours and also those Luna bars too!

  9. My favorite protein "bar" is grilled chicken strips! LOL!

  10. LUNA white chocolate macadamia nut! can I have one right now? man that sounds good!

  11. Oh the Builders Chocolate Mint is my absolute favourite!

  12. Oh, the Builders Chocolate Mint is my absolute favourite!

  13. My favorite is definitely the Builder's Chocolate Mint... given that I've only tried that one!!

  14. Good luck to all my canadian friends! I wish the builders bar wasn't as high in sugar but they're sure tasty!

  15. The Luna S'Mores are awesome!


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